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How To Survive 2 is a sequel of the game set in the post-apocalyptic world of zombies, created by the efforts of EKO Software. How To Survive is a survival skill puzzle – a player must look for food, water and produce items to survive in an unfriendly environment. How To Survive 2 on Windows PC is a continuation of the well-known Survive Survive Survival Game. The production was set in the American state of Louisiana. The player will come to fight for survival in the zombie-controlled New Orleans. As a reminder – the first part of the event was played on four Colombian islands.


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Description of the game

How To Survive 2 brings you a real world apocalypse. How To Survive 2 moves us into a world dominated by a virus that turns people into zombies. A few months after the events in the archipelago, where the How To Survive campaign took place, the plague spread to become a major threat to the entire world. Those who have managed to survive are forced to give up their lives to survive in hostile environments. In order to increase their chances, they grouped into camps. Fighting for existence, people have to look for water, food and produce useful objects. The place where How To Survive 2 is set is around New Orleans in the American state of Louisiana. Gameplay on Windows PC is not very different from How To Survive. The player is still watching the area in the isometric view. An important part of the sequel to which the creators have placed particular emphasis is to create their own objects and develop a skill tree. To survive, a player needs to create a weapon, protect himself from the infected, and take care of what to eat, drink and where to sleep. The inseparable part of How To Survive 2 is obviously a fight with zombies. The title offers fun in one person mode and over the internet. In multi-player games, players organize their camps, which are a refuge for zombies. Up to 16 players can join each camp. In spite of this, in the cooperative mode, up to four people can play at the same time.

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Story of game

The multiplayer has been noticeably expanded by the manufacturer with respect to the first part – in How To Survive in multiplayer only two players could participate. How to Survive 2 is surprising in the first seconds, but not as I would like. The main menu offers great buttons that activate … the cursor. Yes, on the console, on the TV screen we move the computer cursor assigned to the left knob. No, the cross is not working. And there is no other option than having fun with the sliding of the microscopic arrow on the screen. Pad. You may think that someone has forgotten about the menu when porting, but the game itself is even more interesting. The character screen is triggered by a circle, but we move the cursor over it. Bookmarks are triangulated and triggered, but already contained in the options we have to handle the arrow. If you want to wear a protector, like in the old erpeg you need to drag the item to the appropriate slot in the character card. And when we want an item to pass to a companion or just throw it away? Then you need to find it in the littered, unthinking inventory, pass the tip at the end of the description, expand the additional menu, indicate a basket or transfer and approve, invading the highlighted button. Nightmare. This is the least intuitive game I have ever played since time immemorial. Unfortunately, it looks like an unfinished product that was released just to debut with the PC version. The most painful fact is that all cards and screens are so easy that assigning functions under specific buttons seems trivial and the developer should not have problems with it. After all, the console has managed to transfer such complex productions as Divinity: Original Sin, Wasteland or even classic point and click adventure. Others have succeeded, but the makers of How to Survive 2 are overwhelmed. The obligatory reviewers prevented me from removing the game, so I shouted various epithets in my mind, clenched my teeth and decided to go through the game. Committed by a series of encountered NPCs, missions replaced the storyline. Further on, our efforts are directed by Kovac, who improves his survival guide for the resistors. Every now and then the man in the welding mask will drop a short, funny tutorial video and get to know the new survivors, offering another set of tasks. The change to the worse turns out to be the abandonment of open space in favor of the relatively small, thematic locations to which we move on mission.

The gameplay is presented in an isometric view, typical of hack’n’slash games. We move freely around the areas of the missions using white or flame weapons. The combat system is limited to squeezing in order to hit or aim with the right knob and shoot with a bow or a gun using R2. Combinations in the style of “three short and four long” combinations form combinations, but they have one big disadvantage – once we start the attack sequence, we can not stop it. If your opponent dies, we want to escape, or the zombies will just slip away, then our character will do a sequence of blows in the air, completely exposed to the attacks. Thus limiting attacks to one button causes a lot of meaningless deaths, as very often the combination fires accidentally when trying to hit the “hit-and-run” tactics on bosses. Between the missions we get access to the role of the hub of the extensive map where we build our camp. We collect armaments, kitchens, smiths, and all sorts of fences protecting the zombies. Buildings are developed by investing in XP points accumulated, and the higher the level of the shrine, the more plans for new items to produce. I mention it because only through the creation we can get weapons that deal a great deal of damage. Looking at every corner of each map and scouring the corpses, the equipment is stuffed with all sorts of trash that can be used in the camp we build. It is a pity that the game does not motivate us with a wide array of weapons that we could exchange or improve from time to time. After the first two hours I waited a few more to get a hammer leveling up the chance with a constantly increasing difficulty level. Getting the desired stronger weapon means longer durations before we can make a new one, which unfortunately introduces an easy-to-pay boredom.

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