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Developed by Ubisoft Montreal shooter action game with a view TPP, in which quasi-medieval battlefields measure the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. For Honor has a realistic fighting system and a large dose of brutality. In addition to the multiplayer title also offers a singleplayer campaign. For Honor is a brutal third person action game set in a quasi-historical realities, which places emphasis on fun multiplayer. The production is the work of an experienced studio Ubisoft Montreal – the largest French publisher developer, employing more than 2.5 thousand people. The company previously produced many hits, including Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4 or game series Assassin’s Creed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Description of the game

The existence For Honor learned at E3 in 2015. Although originally planned to release the title in 2016, it finally came to us for him to wait a little longer – until February 2017 years. In the meantime, however, they closed off tests were conducted, designed to refine the course of production. Version PC celebrate, like many other multiplatform games is no different from editing consoles virtually nothing, though of course the holders of powerful computers may enjoy more beautiful artwork and higher resolutions. It is worth mentioning that the port For Honor “blaster” was developed by a team of Blue Byte, known among The cycles of the Settlers and Anno. The plot of the production in question takes place in the alternative, pseudo-medieval world where the struggle of three factions. The Chosen correspond to the Japanese samurai, The Legions draw the pattern of European knights, and the Warborn strikingly similar to the Vikings.

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Story of game

The game features six game modes, including classic duels 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 and the so-called. Dominion, which is a variation on the mode of domination. Each side of the conflict represents the twelve playable characters, but in a single match players from each faction can select and control only four of them. They are powerful warriors with unique abilities, towering over the rank and file soldiers, which in regulating artificial intelligence. They prejudge the fate of the battle, appearing in key places and doing everything possible to turn the tide on the right page. Participants come at this in a parade steered by other players warriors of the opposing faction, and therefore play an important role in the play clash at-arms. Despite the contractual treatment of historical reality, the creators have set themselves the goal of remaining true to the styles of fighting knights, Samurai and Vikings. Designed for this purpose mechanics called the Art of Battle, which is of great importance even if it is from which side we keep a weapon at blocking attacks – for example, we do not defend themselves before cutting to the right, if zastawimy from the left. It is also worth mentioning the special skills; a spectacular trial of enemies the player can, for example. summon fire catapults on the designated area, temporarily increase the combat effectiveness foot soldiers in the area or at a rapid pace revive companions. For Honor offers several sets of capabilities, combined with the unique characteristics of individual characters determines something like the character classes. In addition to multiplayer, discussed production on the PC platform Windows also offers a narrative campaign, serving as an introduction to the world presented. The story consists of a series of separate missions in which we follow the characters belonging to the three main factions. Hiking and killing enemies is enriched with various aims and motives are hard to find in the multiplayer mode, for example. Chases on horseback.

Production Ubisoft talks about the rivalry between the three factions: the Vikings, knights and samurai. The game has a storyline, although it is quite pretekstowy character. Action For Honor takes place in a world where there was a natural disaster. As a result of fighting for resources and territory roll these three forces, and the conflict between them heats up further mighty warrior Apollyon. The game allows us to do battle as a representative of one of these ‘historic’ faction. In each fraction, we have a choice of four classes, which differ in fighting style and have a different kind of weapons. These are the Vanguard, Assassin, Heavies and Hybrids. The local combat system has been called the Art of Battle. Important during clashes outside a warrior. There are three – with a sword on the left, the right and over the head. Two buttons are used for strong and light attack, and move on to the third guard, during which we can also change our posture. Battles one on one look like in the game Nidhogg ie. To defend against attacking enemy with a sword on the left we must turn their translate to the right so that they were the characters were the same set. A bit like a game of rock, paper and scissors. One of the pad is also responsible for the so-called. block break, which we can break the protection of the enemy and throw him off the edge or slope. Thus, the key is performed side-steppes of the block and roll when we do not defend. What is worth noting, for various achievements during battles receive perks, which in one way or another to help us during the clashes. In addition to the singles campaign game also has five multiplayer modes. This is the Dominion, in which the battle takes place on the territory, Brawl, or cutlet between the teams, Duel, ie. Duels one on one, Skirmish, clashes in which the zaciukanie opponent get points, and Elimination, where he must defeat all the players of the opposing team. Can play up to eight people at one time.

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