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A platform action game focused on powerful clashes with opponents. The player embarks on a space pirate who has to face the hordes of opponents on randomly generated, two-dimensional levels. The path to success picks up with a variety of gadgets – the blunt pistol from which the adversaries are shooting, accompanied by a rope with a hook for quick movement between platforms. The whole was kept in a pleasing, pixelart style. Flinthook is a roguelike platform action game developed by the independent studio Tribute Games. Production has hit many platforms, including PC Windows.


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Description of the game

Flinthook is both the title of the game and the main character’s name. The protagonist is one of the space pirates and treasure hunters who traverse the interstellar space in pursuit of fortune. The idyll of his previous life was interrupted when one of his competitors decided to awaken the ancient evil threatening the entire universe. Heros had nothing else to do but grab the gun and move on. In the Windows platform, Flinthook’s action is presented on the side. The gameplay takes place on random spaceships. The hero has a number of tools that not only make it easier for him to move through the stages, but also give him the edge in the fight against the opponents. The first gadget is a rope with a hook, which allows our charges to move quickly between platforms and avoid traps and enemy fire. It is accompanied by the Blasma Pistol, from which Flinthook shoots down minor opponents and powerful bosses. Defeating the latter requires appropriate dexterity, reflexes, and the discovery of their weaknesses, and the path to them is indicated by the so-called “compass”, which is to be fed from time to time.

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Story of game

Due to the fast pace of the game, the ability to slow down time is also helpful. As we progress, we gain access to further improvements in our arsenal, increasing the hero’s combat potential. Although Flinthook is a purely playable multiplayer online multiplayer game, there are online rankings and daily and weekly challenges for players. Like many other independent games, Flinthook features a pleasing two-dimensional graphic design in pixelart style. The pace of the game is enhanced by a dynamic, specially composed soundtrack. Flinthook is another representative of roguelike games. Can the latest Mercenary Kings authors have the chance to convince fans of such titles as The Binding Of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon? The above mentioned titles are great hits of roguelike. In addition, these are not the only productions that have received high ratings on the site, so the competition for Flinthook is very high. An additional challenge may be that game fans of this type are usually lovers of mastering them endlessly and will not rest until they fail to see the 100% completion rate. Such titles can not contain errors that would make it impossible to count on everything the game offers. So the challenge is huge. Did the new title cope? It’s good, but … Flinthook has a very high threshold of entry. In no other game like this I have not encountered the situation that I had to give everything from the beginning. I understand that the main title character is a pirate spirit, carrying abordas of other space ships, and these are several times larger than his little ship. I also understand that he himself must break through many levels to achieve his goal, but throwing a player to such deep water from the very beginning of the game is not a good idea. At a time when we are still learning to operate the hook to catch the designated objects, the game forces us to react very quickly.

The situation where we immediately get to the enemy room, the traps and the hard-to-reach doorway, is here on the agenda. Lightweighting is an automatic slowdown of time, but it does not always save you from the absurdly difficult situation for the beginner. The problem is also complicated by the control, because the left knob is responsible for both movement and aiming. In the case of the game in question, getting used to the game is difficult and time consuming. In the special Black Market we can unlock the option of stopping the character in place and aiming, but before we reach that point, we will die for that. Encountered on NPC boards, in addition to unlocking various useful in-game features, they can offer us health, buy perk to improve our character, or give a map, for example, that discovers the entire distribution of a randomly generated board. Plans are divided into rooms with different destinies. And so we can hit the sector where we will have to fight in order to hit a place where we have to test their ability to use the hook quickly. Before the start of the game, we choose the attacked ship, and we can decide whether we prefer one with more skill challenges, but built on a labyrinth, or maybe one that gets more duels but is filled with NPCs that offer items to buy and use. On other boards. It may also happen that the ship will have an additional modification and for example – it will be fogged visibility obstructing visibility. It is important to choose the most suitable ship that we will definitely finish because in order to be able to get to the boss, you have to do it with a few ships in a row. And Flinthook, as I have already said, is not the easiest thing to do. What if we finish the basic “campaign”? Players are facing daily and weekly challenges.

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