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The next installment of the popular FlatOut series. This time production was created by Kylotonn Entertainment for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC consoles. The fun is with the cars we ride with the spectacular buoys with other drivers. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity for PCs Windows and other devices are the next installment of the acclaimed series of racing games, launched in 2004 by Bugbear Entertainment. However, the title does not correspond to the creators of the first few parts, but the Kylotonn team assisted by Strategy First. To fully satisfy the fans of the brand, the publisher and developer decided to invite the players themselves, who in various ways gave manufacturers their production tips.


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Description of the game

The FlatOut series focuses on the struggles of racing drivers who take part in brutal competitions. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is a battle against opponents that need to be crushed and demolished in order to reach the finish line first. Developers have prepared twenty-seven vehicles in three different classes. We can sit behind the wheel of racing cars, monster trucks, buggy and more. Each of them performs slightly differently and has different properties, but all of them are perfect for a good demolition of opponents. Struggles take place on twenty routes, where a lot of destructive elements are located. You can play in ten modes. In addition to the classic career, FlatOut 4: Total Insanity features an Arena, challenging times or single races. In addition, the iconic return for the Stunt series with twelve minigrams in which we perform breakthrough and spectacular evolution by catapulting the driver from the car and properly maneuvering it on the fly. In this variant of fun we can play alone or with friends on one machine. All this complements network racing for eight players.

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Story of game

Due to the general assumptions of production, FlatOut 4: Total Insanity graphics on PC Windows is very spectacular. Technically, this is not the prettiest production of its kind, but the ruinous environment and ubiquitous outbursts reward the shortcomings. In most games, the extended model of destruction is something we prefer too often not to admire. Because if flying parts in the air belong to our vehicle the completion of the race becomes a much more difficult task. Of course there are exceptions, and one of the classic is Burnout and FlatOut, although the latter game is hardly remembered today. Much merit in the fact that the series though the start was good, then the second part turned astray. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction was such a fatal production that I was surprised that anyone got into the idea of ​​making a follow-up, but it happened. Unfortunately, in order for this fun to be able to go fully necessary, there are some essential elements. And as you can guess from the tone of my statement, FlatOut 4 from Kylotonn Entertainment has some shortcomings in this regard. On paper everything looks pretty good. We FlatOut take part in the explosive racing series – for any damage and accidents on the route is awarded the nitro injection, which allows faster and more aggressive driving. The model of destruction encourages the break-up, because it is used not only by vehicles but also by a large number of objects on the map, thus destroying all fences, trees and garage doors in search of shortcuts. The career is geared to the economic theme of the three racing leagues, and besides, we also play online and in a series of minigames that allow you to “shoot” the driver like a bowling ball or a derby-style rivalry in which the winner is the one to succeed.

Theoretically, the gameplay should be dynamic and addictive, but sadly once again it turns out that the devil is in the details. In case of FlatOut 4 they are failing. Personally, I have the biggest complaints about the annoying physical system. This is mainly reflected in the driving of cars that love to jump into the air or rotate about their axis on the slightest obstacle or ordinary hole. It makes a lottery game. Constantly wondering whether to use a jump shot or maybe a completely kicked shock absorber will cause the car to bounce off the ground like an asphalt ball so you can land on the roof. The only salvation is then getting back on track and losing a few precious seconds, but this option is used much more often. The FlatOut 4 holds more surprises in the bucket, which make it more difficult to compete than just to drive straight ahead – for example, a huge part of the route is just waiting to be hooked up and easy to correct. restart. The effect is fatal, because at one point I found that most of the time FlatOut 4 just frustrates me. What else can you feel for a game in which every turn or problem is the problem? In fact, the steering model simply does not help in driving. If you remember the first and second part of the FlatOut, then you can forget about it, because there is no room for advanced physics and a nice simcade. Vehicles are eternally under control and they love to spin every turn in the slightest corner completely unexpectedly. The creators went into a completely arcade driving model and I would not even blame them if they did it with their head. Unfortunately this did not happen.

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