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Endless Space 2 is a 4X strategy developed for the PC. The player’s job is to acquire planets, develop technology, organize a healthy economy, and wage war. Both the battle and galactic empire management takes place in a turn-based system. Endless Space 2 is a 4X PC space strategy. The game was developed by the Amplitude Studios team, the same people who produced the first part of the series. The game moves us into the distant future and allows us to take part in the conflict between several powerful civilizations struggling to control a patch of space.


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Description of the game

The place of this rivalry is a large galaxy, densely filled with systems, where each planet has unique resources and conditions. The virtual universe is randomly generated, so every time new challenges and challenges await us. Both during the Empire’s management and during battles, the game takes place in a turn-based system. During play, the player must explore the universe, take control of the planets, organize healthy economics, establish trade and diplomatic relations, and research new technologies. The military aspect also plays a key role. It is necessary to build large armada of ships and then command them during star wars. The strength of the game is the extensive shipbuilding system that allows you to choose armaments, propulsion, armor, and onboard systems on your own. Endless Space 2 allows you to play alone against artificial intelligence and multiplayer games. In the latter case, players can decide for themselves whether they want to play only in their company or to enter into the universe controlled by the SI.

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Story of game

Amplitude quite consistently and by the way, with extraordinary subtlety, moves within one of the universe created Endless titles. After the release, Endless Space, without much effort they made one of the more interesting 4X in the climate, say, fantasy, or Endless Legend. On the way, we have a few moments on the phenomenal Dungeon of the Endless croissant, and now the French are hitting really hard with the still-emerging Endless Space 2. As the game appeared in early access on Steam, we had the opportunity to take a look at a moment or two ago. Amplitude next year. Endless Space 2 is apparently just a game we will catch up relatively quickly. Although it is easy to displace the people by saying that the two will speak, and to the 4X veterans and novices, unfortunately the truth is much more cruel. If you are feeling well in this game genre, and 4X is ending for you in Civilization, Endless Space will be a completely incomprehensible mumble with a very high entry threshold. Ba, the first part reminded me of the complexity of the puzzle, not the joyful clicking on the planets, where half of the microprocessors make up for us a computer. At first glance it will definitely be helpful to know Endless Legend. Why? This is mainly because both the interface and some game systems are modeled precisely on this, ever-expanding production. Although the current state of the game makes the content – compared to what promises Amplitude – is quite modest, so one can see here one of the distinguishing marks, absolutely brilliant design of individual races and their narration.

It is rare for strategic games, beyond narrative openness, to have some tasteful stylistic stories or even deepened backgrounds for the figure figures. Endless series games are much higher than other 4X strategies. Up to now, four of the eight planned races are in the version of the game I have tested. And to say that each game is different. Sophos, as well as locusts Cravers, the mysterious Vodyani race and my favorite Lumeris. Playing the latter most closely resembles previous pages in this universe, as it is simply the most traditional breed. But here too, there is a bit of room for turning up the game mechanics. Well, in 4X games it looks almost systematically the same: we have a place, we come out of this place, we produce colonizers and we populate other places. We are building new buildings, we meet people who also populate places, fight with them or we cultivate them. And basically enough, even if it’s a pretty strong simplification. At Endless Space 2 Amplitude insisted that each race provide another experience. Lumeris are cosmic merchants. They do not need colonization ships because … they just buy individual planets and, for example, assimilate smaller fractions. Just stay in the system for a while and build so. The posts from which our money stream is poured. Thanks to them, we are dealing with more star systems. Vodyani, on the other hand, the tireless seekers of Dust, is a vampire-like race. They travel through the abyss with their colossal ships, which visit other systems. There is no question of the traditional colonization of planets at all. The Vodyani Ark, in a way, is “hooked” to a specific inhabited planet and draws upon the will of the living force of the inhabitants. Where Lumeris have to build a station for a few turns and Sophosi colonize the land, Vodyani simply sucks energy from the place. While Vodyani’s things are very fast, this is a huge cost, and it’s a new currency – Essence. This is de facto devouring souls of the inhabitants of a place. To do something we still need new resources. For example, to raise a population on a given planet, we have to give it a specific assignment and it is usually not in such small quantities. Raw material is obtained by sending ships to other planets, where – like harvesters, they feed on the vital energy of some innocent beings. Dark theme, but so original! Vodyani is extremely difficult to use, but both the mechanical and narrative capabilities are colossal and unmatched in 4X games.

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PC Downloaden Game