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Elite: Dangerous is the fourth installment of the popular series of space simulators, for which development is David Braben and development team of Frontier Developments. The player embarks on the pilot of an interstellar ship and traverses distant corners of the universe, performing various tasks, and gaining in trade. Elite: Dangerous is the fourth part of the Elite Elite Space Sandbox series. The production was developed by Frontier Developments studio under David Braben. The action takes place in the distant future, at a time when humanity colonized countless planetary systems.


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Description of the game

In the author-created universe, the dominant role is played by three superpowers – the Empire, the Federation, and the Alliance. They do not control the entire inhabited space or even its majority. Outside of their influence is anarchy and lawlessness, but the potential gains in these systems are often worth the risk. The essence of the game is simple – at the start we get a small ship and a small amount of cash, and then we will be thrown to a realistically mapped Milky Way with all known celestial bodies and 400 billion stellar assemblages created with scale, physics laws and current astronomical knowledge. It’s up to us to decide what to do next. We decide whether to become a Star Trekker, a smuggler, a pirate, a bounty hunter, a killer, an explorer, a miner, or simply combine these activities. The game has a complex flight simulator model in zero gravity and an attractive mechanics of space clashes. Equally interesting is the commercial career.

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Story of game

As a result of the player’s actions and world-wide procedures, the galaxy is constantly changing, affecting the economy, security, or strength, and the affiliate’s minor factions in each inhabited system. This translates into price and quantity of goods, types of missions available, pirates activity, or space conflicts in which players can participate. The pilot involved in contributing to a galactic force shift. The most interesting events in the galaxy – both those triggered by the players and those scheduled by the game’s authors – can be read in the daily news available at each station. Players who choose explorers’ career and choose to leave the civilized space await billions of stars, planets, nebulae, or black holes to discover. Long and dangerous expeditions bring you, in addition to your travel fame and personal satisfaction, a high reward for information on astronomical objects. Elite: Dangerouos is played online in one hundred percent in one dynamic world for all players. However, the creators offer some fun modes. The basic is open play, ie open multiplayer. In addition to this, there is also a private group – a group game, and a solo – a game without interacting with other players. The flexibility of the whole solution is that there is a possibility to switch between these modes, except when the player is awarded a prize.┬áTo play Elite: Dangerous is the radio. I mean, not necessarily the radio as such, but some playlist or something like that, whatever it will be playing on the headphones and creating the background. Why? Because we really spend a lot of time here on a quiet journey between systems, planets and orbiting stations.

To play Elite: Dangerous is the radio. I mean, not necessarily the radio as such, but some playlist or something like that, whatever it will be playing on the headphones and creating the background. Why? Because we really spend a lot of time here on a quiet journey between systems, planets and orbiting stations. We will be like a truck driver, whose job is generally quite monotonous, but requires constant attention and from time to time is interrupted by some action. In the case of Elite: Dangerous action can take many forms, because here our truck in addition to the cargo hold has more or less decent armament and various defensive systems. But do not count on dynamics, adrenaline and exciting non-stop combat missions. Elite is not Star Wars, it’s not Wing Commander, nor Freespace. The action does not throw us in the arms with a cheerful shout, no, we must look for her, often for her unhappiness. The calm pace of the game the biggest problems are at the beginning. We start in some galactic hole with a tiny fighter, a handful of small ones and hopefully a good dose of determination. The latter will be needed for the first few hours, when we scratch our forehead to play small trade and perform the simplest missions to earn a bigger crypt. And by the way we will learn how to play, because although Elite: Dangerous is not an ultra realistic space simulator, it is governed by the laws of physics and requires quite a lot from the beginner pilot. Contrary to appearances, the most difficult is not fighting but mastering basic issues such as the effective movement from place to place. It will take some time before we learn how to operate the string and how to use different types of drives to travel from point A to point B in the shortest possible time. And how not to destroy your precious fighter while landing at the space station at that point B. Docking at stations is not particularly difficult, but some skills, however, require, especially if we want to perform the entire operation quickly and with the proper grace (joystick helps! Anyhow, it gives so much satisfaction and pleasure that it is not boring even though we will do it hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. Elite: Dangerous is only really opening up when we are stuck with 350,000 credits for the classic Cobra, the most versatile machine in the game, which works well in every situation. It has quite a large hold, so you can finally take care of the trade and the transport of cargo on the order or the splitting on a profitable scale, if we have such a whim. He is also agile, tough and well-armed to face most of the opponents, or to experience a sudden encounter with the thickest fish in this galactic pond. And there are powerful engines and fuel tanks that are so large that we no longer have to limit ourselves to a few simple routes, but we can breathe a full breast and fly where we want to go. Playing Elite: Dangerous moves forward just a few hours after we’ve got our Cobra paws and when instead of thinking in terms of what we have to do, we start combining what we want to do.

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