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Edengrad is a life simulator in the post-apocalyptic world, created by the independent Polish studio Huckleberry. The game is unique in its crafting system, allowing you to create any object and object yourself, from weapons to building elements. Edengrad is a creator’s product called crafting MMORPG, in which we can create all the elements present in the virtual world – from a regular campfire to entire cities. The player, directing his avatar from the perspective of the third person, by the crafting system contained in the game produces all ointment items based on the collected raw materials.


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Description of the game

So created, interactive, moving element can already be left to the game itself, directly affecting the appearance of the world presented. Apart from a fire, a chair or a lamp, the object produced can also be a wall or a fragment of a fence. Not every thing in Edengrad has to be created. Many useful items, such as firearms and fire protection helmets, can be found in the devastated, unspecified apocalypse, the open world of the game. The player can also own his own means of transport, stealing him from another character, or by repairing one of the toothed teeth of a wreck. Items vary in the degree of advancement and skills required. Often, prior to producing the desired item, it is necessary to acquire or construct the tools required for its production. In the peaceful process of creation, however, we can prevent not only the mutating animals or humans, but also the players themselves, ready to rob us of the raw materials. Besides crafting, Edengrad also allows you to take on three randomly generated quests.

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Story of game

And we choose from a portable computer, which is equipped with each, logging into the game world of the person. All the missions and dialogues present in the mission have been programmed by the programmers on the top, but their place in the open world map is already quite random. Production is pleasing to the eye, with warm graphics. A large amount of greenery suggests a scenario in which nature has dominated humanity after the mysterious end of the world. Because of the total support of the multiplayer game, Edengrad does not allow one-player play. This is not the first social fund action around the Edengrad game – the simulation of life after the apocalypse for many players. The project was launched last year on the Polish crowdfunding platform – I support it.to where it was quite successful, reaching the level of 127% of the assumed amount. The Kickstarter campaign will take 30 days. Basic goal: 39,000 British pounds. Edictrad is preparing for the conquest of the world, a post-apocalyptic bomb, which thanks to you could be created is almost ready for a global hit, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign and will be directed to players from the global community. The expansion of the server infrastructure that will be available to gamers around the world and promotional activities that allow us to populate Edengrad with new settlers, “says Huckleberry Games boss Patryk Borowski.

The creators emphasize that they have used every zloty they collected from Polish players who funded their production in July last year. The community of fans that gathered around the game so far remains an invaluable support for Huckleberry Games. Patryk Borowski does not hide gratitude. You are forever pioneers in the wilderness of Edengrad, the vanguard of the new world, and we will never forget the alliance with you. What will you receive for your contributions to the Kickstarters – You have already got. Stay with us, comment, support us, and keep up the good news. We will be grateful and happy if there are also ambassadors among Edengrad’s present citizens, “Borowski appeals. Edengrad introduces many original concepts such as socio-economic simulations, building up their own settlements, and developing them with the help of allied players up to the level of cities – new outposts of humanity on the ruined surface of the Earth. To reach a wide audience, the game will be available via Steam Early Access in September 2016 and will be paid for at a very affordable price and without a monthly subscription. The production is co-financed by Erne Ventures investment fund. More on the collection and upcoming production plans can be found on the Kickstarter campaign.

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