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Dungeons 2 is a fantasy strategy by the Realmforge team in which we play the evil king of the dungeons. The gameplay is split into two levels. The underground is an economic strategy, where resources are extracted, buildings are built and monsters are trained, and when we get to the surface, it turns into a tactical RTS in which we carry out attacks on castles and cities. Dungeons 2 is a real-time strategy for PC Windows with extensive economic features. The game was developed by Realmforge studio, the same team that produced the prototype and Dungeons: The Dark Lord.


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Description of the game

Again, we play the dark lord who rules the mighty dungeons in the standard fantasy universe. Its task is to build an underground empire, organize a healthy economy within it, and recruit and train more and more powerful monsters. But this time his ambitions go beyond just defending his own land – he also wants to conquer the land belonging to people on the surface. Thanks to this solution, the game is divided into two levels. In the basement we get a typical economic strategy where we gather raw materials, build a variety of rooms, conduct research on new technologies, and train monsters. Every now and again, we are forced to resist the invasion of noble heroes. On the other hand, when we get to the surface, the game turns into tactical RTS. We cover the command of the army of monsters and use them to attack human cities to rob them and then turn into ruins. In addition, thanks to the option called “Hand of Terror”, we get full control over individual units during a battle. The game offers an extensive feature-length campaign and multiplayer games for up to four players in multiplayer modes over the Internet or LAN. All this has been shown in a highly humorous convention, mockingly from the cliché of fantasy and contemporary TV series.

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Story of game

The first part of the Dungeons is hard to call a successful production, the game was rather poorly rated, and the fame and glory of the protagonist, the cult Dungeon Keeper, did not help. Fortunately, Realmforge has shown that it can draw conclusions and learn from mistakes. Being with the “two” was a very positive surprise for me – finally we got a playable product and even in its own way, it was addictive. There is still a lot of happiness left to be lost, but fans who want to shed skin for good characters should be satisfied. At least during the first few skirmishes. Dungeons II, of course, offers us a campaign mode, which also serves as an enhanced tutorial. At each of the several stages we gain access to new enhancements, which allows us to quietly get used to the mechanisms that govern the gameplay. And although it is hard to talk about any story in this case, the “two” turned out to be … one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. The creators rightly believed that the best idea to exploit the well-researched territories is to approach the subject with great distances. The formula works great and some of the accompanying narrator’s commentary plays are not only able to provoke a fleeting smile, but to be amused. I love such a convention and I sincerely admit that despite the distance I was approaching, this was the first element that convinced me to play. Of course the gameplay is, of course, an extension of the idea known from the already mentioned Dungeon Keeper. Well, somewhere in the damp and cobwebbed cobweb woke Evil, a lust for revenge on the inhabitants of the surface of the Good, which had previously been drowned quite rudely to the bottom. As players we take control of the structures of the management of the real evil and begin our struggle for survival. It is worth mentioning that we will be able to control one of the two types of Evil: classic, Orcs in the lead and demonic. Although the general rules are similar, and the “factions” do not differ drastically from one another, however, this is some slight variation in the gameplay.

Our basic work in the basement is a multi-tasking hand, an animated cursor that allows several forms of interaction with the environment. We mark it with sections of the underground in which our workers make passageways and chambers, arrange chambers and traps, raise and switch our charges, or even delicate smacks we will stimulate efforts to work harder on the worse tomorrow. After some minor but important improvements in the last patch, this is a pretty handy, contextual tool. In the underground world, we have a rather limited influence on the behavior of our Milussarians. Most of the activities are controlled by SI, and the whole is an intimate form of underground Sims – the inhabitants of our cozy caves have to meet their needs, and to work will only be paid well and satisfied. If we do not take care of basic needs, they can not just start boring others at work, but even flag up ostentatiously in the main room, starting a strike. However, do not worry too much – the system is very simple and after 2-3 games, you know how to prevent such situations. In the mechanics of Dungeons II, the key words are “improvements”. Initially, you may feel a little disappointed with the small number of units or just a dozen types of equipment rooms. Fortunately, the development system is multi-level, and as soon as we do the first offensive actions, we will unlock a number of new enhancements for each element available in the game, for example by gaining training in new specializations. It does not sound so fascinating, but in a small but thoughtful mechanism of dependence it works perfectly. At the same time, we need to take care and control a few things, such as the stock of gold in the vault, research into new improvements, the morale of our charges, or even deal with the issue of sightseeing tours in the land of Dobra. It is not easy for us to live on the fact that our fighters for Better Tomorrow are also specialists working on new improvements. Fighting will not be able to work, which requires reasonable management of inhumane resources.

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