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Stand-alone extension to the game Do not Starve, introducing multiplayer mode. Players can join forces to try to survive in a dangerous world full of environmental hazards, and deadly monsters. To survive, you need to take care of food, shelter, weapons, and physical and mental health of your character. Do not Starve Together is complemented by content from Appendix Reign of Giants. Don’t Starve Together for Windows PC is a standalone extension to the warmth adopted survival Sandbox Don’t Starve embedded in a fantasy world. The authors of both production are people of independent Canadian studio Klei Entertainment. The main objective of Do not Starve Together is the transfer of proven principles on the ground co-op multiplayer. Besides the introduction of multiplayer, the title offers the contents of the addition Reign of Giants, and more.


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Description of the game

Do not Starve Together crosses us to the wild, dangerous world in which the main task is to survive as long as possible. The players are chosen by his character – each distinguished by a specific appearance, personality, strengths and weaknesses, and abilities. After the start of the game we correct this, to which we have become accustomed original Do not Starve – building shelter, food acquisition, exploration of the game world, the fight against various creatures and taking care of mental health hero. Returns also includes a powerful crafting system, to create useful items from found objects. Do not Starve Together has been supplemented by the contents of previously released add-Reign of Giants, so we can count on a varied environment in the form of a greater number of available biomes, powerful new enemies and a full annual cycle. For all this there is the interaction with other players, who may prove to be an invaluable aid in a world full of threats. Do not Starve Together allows the establishment of private game, which will join only invited our friends. You can also try their chances with a completely foreign players. Like the original, Do not Starve Together PC Windows has a characteristic drawing 2D graphics, with the action portrayed in advance. Despite the serious subject matter, the game is embellished with a specific dose of humor that fit the comic book style.

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Story of game

Many of you probably associate Do not Starve. Independent production Klei Entertainment has released more than three years ago, but still enjoys considerable popularity. On the wave of recognition among both gamers and reviewers as an initiative to the game “retrofitted” in the multiplayer mode. Developer much thought decided to implement this idea and so, three years after the release of the original, seen the light of day Do not Starve Together. Does it make sense to go back to the wilderness, there to try to survive with the others? I will not keep you in suspense – it’s worth, is worth, and once again it is worth. If, however, Do not Starve not appeal to you previously, the addition of the network mode will not change. Probably will not surprise you that the mechanics behind the game remained basically unchanged. There were a few minor differences, even if otherwise resolved the issue of sleep in the game, it does not change but the form of things. Still, our main task is to survive. We can not give up hunger and madness that Pastwa above our poor mind. Occasionally there are additional constraints, depending on the form as directed. For example. The form of a woodcutter must from time to time to eat some wood, we do not swapped in … beaver. Humor still writes creators Do not Starve. We, in turn, comes in toil and drudgery gather resources, build shelter, create items and try not to die of cold and hunger. Positive multiplatera to the explosive mix of items, materials, locations and creatures adds another layer that brings per se a lot of variety.

You can choose from several game modes. First choose one of three server options that determine, say, our attitude to death. Said modes to Survival, Wilderness and Endless. In the first one raising the other form is possible only with the help of objects. After the death of all the world resets. In drugimz those heroes who died on the battlefield they may be reborn at the portal. Death in the third mode means that we appear again in a random place, without objects, and our map to erase. Second, select the type of gameplay. Beginners recommend the first “Social”. Slightly lower the entry threshold will allow you to calmly figure in the world of Do not Starve. The next level is “Cooperative”. This is a difficult standard mode, which certainly does not make you any difficulty. Even worse / better mode is “Competitive”, which allows players to fight with each other. You guessed it, getting something from the a la DayZ. The last mode is “Madness”. Mode in which anything is possible. On the ground are falling meteorites, every move there is a whole bunch of aggressive creatures, there is little food and so on. This last variation can recommend only real veterans Do not Starve. For me the adventure of this mode was short and embellished with shouts of surprise and despair. Do not Starve Together is probably not fun for the crowds. It is true that in some dedicated servers can occur even sixty-four players but normally in one “world” prances a six or eight individuals. That’s more than enough to feel the charm of working in a team, and at the same time so little, we can pretty quickly make relatively close contacts with companions misery. “Multiplayerowość” basically boils down to the segregation of duties, As well as joint expeditions in the more dangerous places. This opens up a range of possibilities for creating better-equipped bases, attacking more powerful enemies, etc. This allows us to also quickly learn the game from more experienced colleagues. Do not Starve a lot of gains on the addition of multiplayer, which just goes well with the concept of survival in a harsh world in general. Already anyway, I felt like the game was created for cooperation.

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