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Don’t Starve is action adventure game mixed with elements of role-playing and strategy for the creation of corresponding studio Klei Entertainment. The main character – Wilson is a scientist-a gentleman who for a mysterious demon goes to the wilderness of the world. The player has to help him survive in a hostile environment and find a way to return home. Do not Starve is the work of the team of Canadian development studio Klei Entertainment, known mainly from a series Shank. This time the creators tempted by the game, addressed to the players that indulge in survival and exploration. The whole game is a large dose of humor and numerous references to the Victorian era.


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Description of the game

Action Do not Starve were deposited in the wilderness, to which the main character – Wilson – is insidiously moved by the cunning demon. Scholar-gentleman must use all their expertise and skills to survive in this hostile world full of dangerous beasts, as well as find a way to return home. The player is designed to help Wilson in his struggle with nature. The hero must, among others, build a shelter, get food, kindle and maintain fire, build tools to perform for their clothes. In a word – take care of everything, allowing him to survive in the surrounding him, the ghastly reality. The reward for progress in the game there are new characters, which can incarnate the player. Each has a distinctive special abilities, such as fire resistance and increased strength. The model of previous games studio Klei Entertainment, emphasis was placed on elements of comedy, which is reflected in, among others, the appearance of the characters and locations, but also various references to the phenomena of mass culture. Two-dimensional visuals the game is stylized cartoon with crisp, comic line.

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Story of game

O Do not Starve could already hear – created them Klei Entertainment, responsible for a series of Shank or great Mark of the Ninja. You could also play, and even have to catch the game enough and put, for quite a long time was available in pre-release. And it seems that even though officially it has been issued, it is still improved and expanded. The menu greets me information about upcoming updates – even the next day counter. So over the infinite game. How Minecraft. Introduction Do not Starve is fast. Wilson, looking like an escapee from the Tim Burton films, wakes up in a big forest. I say “great forest” I do not mean this clump of trees, where jeździliście mushrooms, but rather something between Mirkwood and the Hundred Acre Forest. Over the hero is an elegant gentleman, who advised him to quickly find something to eat and instantly disappears. Wilson is himself. And from stubbornness, persistence and the ability of the player to quickly learn from mistakes it depends on how long you will live. Do not Starve belongs to that category of games that do not explain anything. Fortunately, you should also be in this category of games that are fairly logical. You have to survive – so stick with flint and can be done ax, ax to cut down a tree, the tree make a fire, which can cook carrot plucked from the ground. Then you can do with grass and sticks to trap rabbits, build a better hearth enveloped with stones, from which lights up in case of forest and Wilson on the occasion. First you need you need to meet quickly, because in Do not Starve operates the daily cycle – if not with nightfall burning fireplace with firewood and eat next door, the hero waiting for a doom. These are the beginnings, then it is more interesting and less predictable.

Action Do not Starve is happening because in an extraordinary world where magic blends with science. After circling the forest strange creatures, and which are even stranger materials, and crafting is Machina Research Engine or Sundance. If you do not like collecting and crafts, this is not the game for you, because the whole game is based on collecting and building a more robust camp. But soon you realize that it is not completely clear what and in what order you have to build. You will be tempted to look for solutions in the network. Do not Starve be to actually have a separate category of games – somewhere I have heard determine Wiki Games. Like Terraria, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, as well as various roguelike – you can not bite into or through many arduous trials, or using the knowledge of many people who have already taken these attempts. Playing with Wiki is definitely faster, but not everyone will be satisfied. Some prefer to play explained the basics and gave the first tool, and is not forced to guess and try the dark. Especially, that materials and supplies is always contact, and Do not Starve not forgive mistakes. Players share will approach death in this game – it is permanent, you lose everything and have to start from the beginning. A die is easy: hunger, fire, monsters or lightning. You can also go crazy from sleeping under the open sky in a terrible forest. Wilson has to take care not only about the state of the stomach, but also health and mind – everything is expressed with three deft indicators. With the latter is the hardest – at the beginning is not entirely clear, which impairs mental health form. All you need to discover dying many times in the road. Similar to the Do not Starve Terraria forgiving but more – after death returned home and lost only gold.

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