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Embedded in the design of so-called. High science-fiction first person action game of the genre FPX, emphasizing the competition of two players in PvP mode. We play the character of one of the last representatives of the two fighting corporations and we are trying to survive and at the same time outwitting a competitor from a hostile faction. The gameplay focuses on three aspects: exploration, survival and rivalry. Detached is a high-fiction, first-person action role-playing game in the genre of First Person Experience, primarily focused on PvP fighting.


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Description of the game

Released on PC Windows title is one of the first Polish productions created for the virtual reality sets of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Anshar’s independent studio, which includes Lords of the Fallen and Sniper: Ghost Warrior, is responsible for its creation. The story of the game takes us on a journey into the world of the future in which humanity has devised a way of traveling in outer space over long distances. The ability to act outside of the earthly jurisdiction has created a powerful, private corporation with an opportunity for unchecked space exploration and the acquisition of valuable resources found there – all of which, of course, is on its own terms. The situation is compounded at a time when one of the leading corporations, Genesis, finds a working alien artifact in space and converts one of its mines into a secret research center. Unfortunately, this is learned by the competitive R17 corporation and sends a troop of troops to intercept a valuable find, which is the beginning of the end of the two competing factions.

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Story of game

During the fun, players fight one side of the conflict and turn into one of the last surviving representatives of Genesis Corporation or R17. Their main task will be to survive and find a way back home. But that is not all, because during the game they will have to simultaneously outwit the representative of the enemy faction who will try to achieve similar goals in the same area. In Detached the fun takes place in a vast, open world and focuses on three main aspects: exploration, survival and competition. During the game we deal with solving a variety of puzzles and gaining vital raw materials, such as fuel and oxygen. There is also the opportunity to exchange fire and direct confrontation with our opponent. The whole could be described as a slightly less brutal variant of the most widely known multi-player capture-the-flag shooting, enriched with elements of exploration and survival. It is important that, depending on the selected faction, the game may take place in a completely different way, offering slightly different puzzles and tasks to be performed, and above all a completely different fighting style.

Detached has been created primarily for PvP and one-on-one skirmishes with another live player. However, the creators also have the opportunity to play alone. Detached on the Windows PC platform, Detached has been created on the acclaimed Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, and features an attractive, three-dimensional bezel that stands out from most of the VR series. At the same time, the use of the capabilities of virtual reality sets provides unique gameplay experience and immersion levels, unmatched in traditional games of this type. In the singles, the two cosmonauts must do it in anger. They can kill, most often by stuffing themselves into the remains of a space base, but they can also be put on the hunt – who will first acquire the artifacts needed to complete the level. Or who will first reach the airlock, which will be the last to see the second life at the finish of the astronaut. Game action happens in the future when people are already able to travel to the farthest corners of the universe. They use private corporations that are looking for valuable raw materials. One such corporation called Genesis discovers a powerful alien artifact creating a base for exploring the find. Competitive group with R17 knowing what is going on sends troops to take over the loot. This leads to the catastrophe that only two members of the opposing factions survive. The fight against time, exploration and survival is extremely important. The authors of the exhibition talk about their work “bloodless capture the flag”, but that does not mean that the enemy can not do harm. If you do not do it yourself, by falling into the wall or the force field, you can treat it like a gravity gun with limited operating time and needing to load or just kick. And this combined with the ability to look at all sides and the need to watch the sight and the direction of the flight gives you enough sensation. The game forces you to think and move from the beginning, as if you were an astronaut dependent on the regulator of the micromotor.

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