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First person shooter designed for multiplayer fun. The production was set in World War II, and the players are played by soldiers engaged in fierce battles – there are options such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Domination. Days of War is a first-person shooter for PC Windows, set in World War II. The title was partially funded by Kickstarter, where developers from the Driven Arts studio managed to raise less than $ 70,000. Days of War on PC Windows is a game exclusively for multiplayer. Players fight in team battles for 32 people, in modes that involve attacking or defending a target, taking over points and flags, and of course the classic Deathmatch.


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Description of the game

The gameplay is fast, arcade, with short respawns; Our skills are primarily counted. Developers have abandoned the character development system, and all weapons, including rifles, shotguns or machine-guns, have already left us at the very beginning of the game. Based on your equipment, there are nine character classes available: Marksman, Support, Rifleman, Assault, Support, Machine Gunner, Sniper, Shotgun and Rocket. To achieve satisfactory results, you should cooperate with other team members and know the key points of the map well. Production is not equal to the graphics quality of the most beautiful shooters on the market, but thanks to Unreal Engine 4 technology is really good, especially for a project created by a relatively small studio. One of the highlights of Days of War on PC Windows is the openness of developers to gamers. Developers have provided a number of options to customize even the rules for playing on dedicated servers. Of course, they did not forget about the moderators and support for the clans.

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Story of game

Days of War is a network shooter developed by the Driven Arts team. The creators decided to listen to the players’ requests and offer events set in World War II. Studio in the first announcement claimed that the most important element of production was preservation of authenticity. The title includes perfectly mapped weapons, which differ from other models even by weight. The team decided to create a title with the fans, so for this reason a special forum was created, where interested parties could exchange their views with the authors. The creators put on a very tactical game in which the minutiae of the essence are crucial to the victory. In the game we do not find special perks, add-ons, or super-jets, players in Days of War must demonstrate pure skills.

Production was made on the Unreal Engine 4 and we received very large and beautiful locations. In position we will find a large variety of sites – narrow alleys in a French town or uncovered space in the Belgian forest. In terms of modes in the project, we will find, among others, Dominate, Find Flag, Find and Destroy and standard deathmatch. The studio has prepared six classes of soldiers and each of the specialists will play a significant role in the clashes. The authors also prepared full support for mods.

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