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Set in postapocalyptic realities MMO game, where the main role is played by hand-built vehicles. The title offers thousands of possibilities for modifying appearance and machine parameters, from shape and armor, through armament and support systems, to all kinds of aesthetic accessories. The player’s task is to survive in an unfriendly environment and compete on large map sizes. Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO game where the main role is played by hand-built vehicles. The title was developed by Russian studio Targem, and its publisher is Gaijin Entertainment. From the network game War Thunder.


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Description of the game

Crossout uses a free-to-play business model. The mechanics of the game is a combination of momentum, known among others. The mentioned War Thunder or World of Tanks with a postapocalist climate that should appeal to all Mad Max devotees. This action takes place in the world of the future, destroyed by alien invasion and genetic tests on people. The player assumes the role of the driver of an armed vehicle and competes with opponents in matches played on large map sizes. Unlike the competition, Crossout has no predefined vehicles – each player constitutes cars on his own, which resembles the Robocraft game. By joining the fun, we get a simple, armored jeep equipped with a basic model of the parcel. As the game progresses, more and more elements are added to the game, by which we can improve our vehicle by transforming it into a huge monster truck or an armed platform that scares the other players. With a vast array of parts, there are thousands of ways to change the look and feel of your vehicle, from shape and armor, to armament, support systems, all sorts of aesthetic accessories .

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Story of game

All these items can be purchased for the game currency gained in the course of the game, both in the game store and directly from other players. Also worthy of attention is a refined model of damage, thanks to which you can eg neutralize any of the components mounted in the vehicle, which will obviously affect his condition during the fight. This is reminiscent of the War Thunder solution and distinguishes Crossout from other types of games in which most vehicles have just a certain number of life points. Crossout has an average graphic design, less impressive than competing products such as World of Tanks. Thanks to this, the game does not have high hardware requirements, so they fired even on older PCs. Crossout’s extensive feature set is definitely not sinning, even for standard multi-player games. Oh, there was an apocalypse, and we play the role of a renter, who will fight in the name of the faction to which he will write. And yes, that’s the entire description that can be traced back to the history of the world of this production. I would like to know more about this, but I fully understand the approach of the authors to this topic – but the key element of the composition of the Fair is after all the game. And this one is on a relatively high level! This title contains two main game mechanics, which, when combined into one game, create a very cool mixture, full of power with our creativity and dexterity. We play here as a driver, who can at his own discretion and available resources, or on the basis of construction plans, create a dream vehicle of extermination.

Because the action takes place in the world 20 years after an apocalypse, we all of course create scrap metal, used parts, and what we will win during battles and missions. The biggest advantage of Crossout is that it has a very well-made editor tool for creating machines. There are plenty of factors that you can safely write a separate article on 10 pages. Appropriate camera, preview of current statistics, the ability to rotate parts, and even advanced physics to find the center of gravity of the structure and its stability. You could multiply and multiply. The best proof of what the system offers, let’s include screenshots. It’s mostly about cars, but people have created cars like hovercrafts, planes, helicopters, boats, and even dinosaurs and spiders. And what can we build? Items added for this purpose are divided into 8 separate categories! We have rusty cockpit booths, firearms of all kinds from carbines to decent caliber anti-tank guns, electronics, wheels, additional components, decorations and paints. In the last section there are consumer items. Of course, it was not easy for developers to impose small constraints on engineering issues. Of course, our creativity is practically the only limit in terms of machine shape and functionality, but we must remember to monitor its statistical possibilities. The point here is to adequately expand the capacity of our structure and its energy resources. If you exceed the weight limit, mount an additional motor, and if you do not have enough power, mount another generator. Ultimately, each cab for a vehicle driver adds 10 energy points, which must be enough for you to start playing.

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