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Independent addition to the expanded strategy game Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations. Enlargement moves players into the Pacific Ocean, where China and the United States are fighting with the latest cyberattacks, electromagnetic pulses, lasers, antisatellite agents, and electrical components. Command: Chains of War is a standalone extension to the complex, real-time strategy game Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations, designed for PC Windows platform. The main theme of the addition is a hypothetical clash between the United States and China, where modern and experimental types of weapons are moving.


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Description of the game

Unlike the Command Live DLC add-ons, this title does not require CMANO, and can be used as a standalone production, as was the case for the Command In Northern Ireland in 2015. The creator of the series, Warfare Sims, is responsible for the creation of Chains of War, and the issue of the Matrix Games / Slitherine duo has been reworked. Command: Chains of War is set in the near future, in the western Pacific Ocean. The conflicts are rooted in the Korean Peninsula and the rising power of China, with the United States seeing the threat to its international position. In the Pacific waters a war is underway that either puts an end to the imperialist aspirations of the Middle East, or dethrones the US as a world leader. The addition enriches the already impressive array of resources and capabilities of CMANO with modern and experimental types of weapons that are currently being developed by the most powerful states on Earth.

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Story of game

The communication systems that are critical for all modern military systems can now be disturbed by cyber attacks. Units cut off from the central command will be forced to act on their own, using only their own detection systems to monitor the battlefield. The advantage in cyberspace, however, does not provide any guarantee of information gathering and control of the battlefield: intelligence and communications satellites can be eliminated by armies with newly introduced antisatellite weapons. Cut off and blinded troops will become an easy prey to the precise and deadly new types of armament that hit the Chains of War straight from the platen and testing grounds. High-energy lasers, customs and long-range railguns, as well as anti-ballistic ballistic missiles, negate the traditional inviolability of aircraft carriers. For the destruction of modern electronics, full of such futuristic battlefield, EMP impulses are used, for example, generated by high-level nuclear explosions. Air ambassadors will surely be pleased with the new model of aircraft damage. Individual flying units have received detailed statistics sets describing the strength of the hull, engines and cockpit, making it impossible to hit an anti-aircraft weapon without completely destroying the vehicle. A damaged aircraft may be able to return to the base, and if the damage is not serious, the technicians will make the necessary repairs and restore operational readiness. Tactical depth adds new opportunities for organizing descent and metastases.

Airplanes and submarines, both surface and underwater, can now transport other units on their decks. The maximum quantity and weight of cargo depend on the actual transport capacity of the real counterparts of the units concerned. The title is exclusively for a single player, for which a total of 16 scenarios have been prepared. Twelve of them are part of a campaign to describe the hypothetical conflict between the United States and China in the western Pacific. The other 4 are independent bonus scenarios embedded in historical realities. Command: Chains of War uses the Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations engine, which allows you to observe a globe resembling the Google Earth application. The game does not have much to offer in terms of graphical effects – controlled units are represented by simple symbols. The game interface is ascetic and resembles a UI rather than an electronic entertainment product. On the other hand, the clarity of the interface allows for a clear presentation of the mass of data, the understanding of which is here the key to victory.

Command: Chains of War Game full version

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