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Multiplayer action game set in medieval reality. We play as the warrior who joins one of the two factions and fights with opponents in subsequent battles. Production surprises complex system of character classes and battle and sizeable arsenal. Chivalry presents also very nicely from the graphic. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the PC is considered an action game designed for multiplayer with 2012, created by the studio Torn Banner. Later production was moved to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. All versions are very similar, although this edition of PC-accom fully reflects the assumptions creators, offering gaming multiplayrze for 32 players, while on other platforms, their number is limited to 24. in addition to the PC-tach Chivalry: Medieval Warfare fully spreads its wings when it comes to graphic design. By contrast, the latest Sony and Microsoft appeared Horde mode for 6 daredevils. But this is the only difference, as the other elements and gameplay are identical for all editions.


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Description of the game

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for Windows PC is an action game showing a first person brutal world of medieval battles. This title is a commercial heir to the popular fashion titled Age of Chivarly. Creators of the solution contained in the modification treated as a foundation on which they built something a little more ambitious. Starting the game we create our soldier and choose between the two parties to the conflict – Masonic Order and the Knights Agathiańskimi. The game offers a variety of character classes, including archers, knights, guards and various class support. The battle we are in using various types of swords, axes, bows, crossbows, shields and other types of scrap metal. Enhanced combat system allows full control of punches, blocks and evasion. In addition, it runs a player gains experience to learn new skills, as well as various trophies and titles to commemorate the epic feats in battle. Skirmishes in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on the PC Windows roll in very diverse locations, including both the undeveloped areas of the plains, and on the streets or during sieges of fortresses. Sport also more attractive average war machines, from which we can make use, including Trybusz, catapults, ladders and boiling oil.

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Story of game

If I had to find one word to describe Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, I would say that this is a game … intense. And it is not because it is stuffed with action, which is not for a moment slowing down, because it’s not, on the contrary, even most of the time in this game, just run to get together with our scrap iron, to a particular place . And only happens there, only there the corpse is densely, but also in small doses, because despite his advanced combat system, allowing for long, sophisticated fights, clashes in Chivalry are short, sharp and brutal. And then we run again until the next coup sword. And it is these attacks and thrusts are intense. This first-person perspective makes us feel as if we were there, as if we ourselves this sword, ax and spear were doing holes in people. A bit like the popular Skyrim, so that Chivalry is seventeen times better conceived combat system with melee weapons and in addition is the only network so our fixed along in living tissue, so to speak metaphorically. Well, unless you set a game with bots, which they can do. But why? I do not know. Nor do I know when the hell the creator of Chivalry took pains develop so many different gameplay modes. That is to say, a total fine, that there is something more than a game Team Objective, because of the tabernacle of the head does not hurt, but enough to play just in this one mode to instantly magically forget about the existence of all the others. Yes, it is that good. And even better, because not only good, but in addition also rare. As for the concept of the network team game, Chivalry is, even though chronologically earlier historical background, the successor drugowojennego Enemy Territory. So play with the best idea for multiplayer in history until the Defence of the Ancients, of course. Chivalry this idea adapts to your needs and doing it perfectly, one hundred percent getting rid of abstraction.

The battle is a battle, not any contractual sports in which we have to move somewhere flag, take a point or kill however many opponents. Such nonsense is war does not, the war we deal with concrete things. In the case of the medieval it was cutting the trunk of the villagers and the burning of villages, capturing and destroying the enemy siege, pushing carts with infected corpse to throw it into the well supplying the defenders of the castle, and the like, ordinary military operations. For them, just focus Chivalry, arranging the sequences of cause-and-effect relationships and preaching the one side of the attack, and the other to defend. I do not joke with this cutting the trunk of villagers running in panic after podpalanej just a village – in Chivalry can feel like Kmicic in Volmontovichi. That is, if Kmicic was encased in armor and brandishing a two-handed Scottish claymore … It is what and how we fight Chivalry is quite formalized. We have four rigid character classes, from the hardest to the armored najlżej plus shooters. Each class has a main weapon, a choice of three different two side, rarely used, plus additional equipment such as shields, throwing knives and incendiary bombs in the number variable. Weapons and basic side can “grow” with them – as quickly unlock then the second, and last, third version of our favorite weapons. These versions differ slightly from the basic, but you can not say something clearly, they are better or worse. It’s all a matter of personal taste – in Chivalry is no such thing as a weapon better or worse. This is probably because this war is like in the relations between men and women, that all depends on the skill of the operator, not the tool … even though two-handed sword in spite of everything, however, two-handed sword …

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Game full version

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