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Castle Story

An independent RTS game embedded in a voxeli world. The mechanics of the game combine economic strategy in the style of Stronghold series with sandbox elements inspired by the hit Minecraft. The fun consists mainly of gathering raw materials and building castles and then defending them from invaders. Castle Story is an RTS game combining elements of the war economy strategy in the style of the Stronghold series with a dynamic voxel world bringing to mind the cult Minecraft. This is the debut production of the independent Canadian studios Sauropod. Castle Story is set in a world of airborne islands.


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Description of the game

The game is based on a voxel engine, which provides a full dynamic deformation of the terrain. Thanks to that, you can cut trees, dig tunnels or dig pits at will. The fun consists mainly of building castles and then defending them from invaders. However, the player is only a commander and therefore must rely on his obedient orders to settle the settlers. Thanks to this they can explore new areas, collect resources and build structures. All fortresses must be designed manually, deciding the location of each brick. In this way a three-dimensional architectural plan is created, which then transforms our subordinates into reality. Of course, before it happens it is necessary to accumulate the right amount of materials. To this end we have to use the miners as miners. The mechanics of construction work is very extensive. Our subordinates are able to climb only low obstacles, and the speed of their movement is influenced by the weight they carry.

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Story of game

Therefore, the key to success is to provide the settlers with the proper access to the specific elements of the structure so that it does not take unnecessary delay. We accomplish this goal. By laying stone stairs and bridges. After some time on the board enter the forces of the opponent and start the siege of our fort. Castle Story works on the Unity engine, and all terrain graphics are created with voxeli. This gives the game a unique charm and makes it look like it is made of Lego blocks. The advantage of this solution is the ability to use advanced physics, also responsible for the destruction of terrain and buildings. Castle Story is a strategic RTS game developed by the independent studio, Sauropod, which uses the Unity engine.

The basic elements of the game are the exploration of the open world and building of a castle, which – depending on the player – can even take the form of a powerful fortress. All constructions, however, must be created for the sake of physics. Build a castle in turn to defend against invaders, which may also be other players. “Bricktrons,” meaning a small army belonging to a player, are fighting, using a weapon created by the player and armor. It is therefore important to strategically and reasonably plan the clashes. An interesting and quite unique element of the game is the presence of magic; The universe of the game consists of airborne islands. By exploring the area you can hit fairytale-fantasy places and encounter mysterious objects.

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