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The game belongs to the wildly popular series of Call of Duty Black Ops II free and remains faithful to the traditions of this series. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a war FPS game which is the next, the ninth installment of the most popular game series of this type. Produced by experienced studio Treyarch, which is the same team that was behind the call of duty black ops 2 pc download google drive and Call of Duty Black Ops II Download.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Download game



Description of the game

Call of Duty Black Ops II free pc presents unusual for a series of circumstances. In 2025 years erupts Cold War II, in which the opposite sides are the United States and China. The game is played by the so-called. rare earth metals, so the raw materials necessary for the production of expensive electronics, or the use of alternative energy sources. The main character of the game is David Mason and his nemesis is Nicaraguan Raul Menendez.

The game is a direct sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops II free download which is why we find in it a number of flashbacks of the events of the 80s of the last century, as well as black ops 2 zombies free characters from the past. Besides Alex Mason returns as Frank Woods. Because of the positioning action of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the future, during the game meet with advanced, futuristic weapons and solutions, which are now only tentatively tested in military laboratories.

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Story of game

Besides heavily scripted dose of action, during which almost did not take off your finger from the trigger, we can sit behind the wheel of advanced machines, such as the F-38 fighter or futuristic helicopters. Call of Duty Black Ops II free game allows you to maneuver vehicles on an unprecedented scale in the series, providing considerable freedom in the control of excerpts from the use of vehicles not resemble the typical CoD Facilities driving on rails.

The well-known model of Call of Duty Black Ops II free gameplay are included with new ideas, as decisions about how to perform certain actions during the mission. For example, we can decide whether we prefer to protect colleagues from a distance using a sniper rifle, or sliding down the lines to take part in direct combat. These elections bring the game to extra dynamism and the ability to personalize your preferred style of play.

War shooter played

They also allow to see the event from a slightly different perspective. A new idea for Call of Duty Black Ops II free mode Strike Force Operations, or optional missions presented in the form of a simplified real-time strategy. At any time you can put yourself in a serial soldier under our command, but sit behind the controls of a drone or coordinate all the action from the air. Interestingly, failures in this mode does not mean the end of the game, but worsen the situation in the international arena.

Our achievements decide to terminate the adventure. Call of Duty Black Ops II free full pc is also extended and improved compared to the previous parts of the multiplayer mode. We introduced the system of character development, Pick 10, the player gets to the disposal of 10 points that can be exchanged for ten any improvements, with the possibility of skipping some other categories goal final packing. The system also introduces a so-called.

From a first person perspective

Wild card that somehow violate these principles and allow you to select a specific item twice black ops 2 plutonium. Two additional weapons instead of one. As a result, use of sniper rifles with celownikami allowing see enemies hiding behind obstacles and weapons using electrical charges, instead of the traditional gunpowder. Added to this are useful gadgets, such as improved scopes or computer built in uniform – it is thanks to him in moments provided by the game we call air support.

The program supports

In addition, at our disposal we were handed deadly advanced tools, like the previously mentioned drones or gun ovens. The creators have taken care of the diversity of the prepared location, so several available maps can fight in a variety of scenes, including ravaged Los Angeles or the abandoned village. Active uses proven yet somewhat improved solutions with Call of Duty Black Ops II free and Modern Warfare 3, and is closely linked with social media.

In Call of Duty Black Ops II free download pc could not miss the infamous Zombie mode that accompanies the series in each game studio Treyarch since the release of call of duty black ops 2 download. This time is divided into three different options for fun from Tranzit open world, where co-operation for up to four players fight and run away before the legions of the undead, the classic played on a limited and much smaller locations and Grief in which an army of zombies.

Clash of two opposing teams

The graphics engine the game is heavily modified technology of Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty Black Ops II free. The authors sought to introduce better physics and limited destruction of the environment and create incredibly detailed environments. At the same time the creators have kept one of the features distinguishing series how to play black ops 2 zombies pc smooth animation at 60 frames per second.

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