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An original city builder strategy game in which the player’s task is to create a self-sufficient urban ecosystem based on environmentally friendly energy sources and title blocks as a building block. Successful understanding of the relationship between the individual bodies, production optimization, and the needs of the residents. Block’hood is an unusual city-building strategy game developed by the small Plethora-Project studio. Production has appeared on the Windows PC platform, and its release has been devoted to Devolver Digital, helping indie bands deliver their titles.


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Description of the game

Block’hood stands out from similar positions thanks to the convention adopted by the creators. The game is focused on ecology and on building in harmony with nature, based on renewable, environmentally friendly sources of energy. Unlike other species representatives, the player does not try to create as large a city as possible – its activities are on a micro scale, limited to a single ecosystem. When space is missing, there is nothing else to do to build the whole up, constructing multi-storey self-contained skyscrapers. The building blocks are the title blocks – more than two hundred such blocks are connected to each other in various ways. Like three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, each one is a part of a larger whole, and the key to success is understanding the relationships that exist between them. For example, if a tree is to produce oxygen, it needs access to water; But the shop, which is responsible for generating money, requires constant influx of customers.

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Story of game

The player’s job is also to optimize production based on more than twenty resources within certain blocks. Things do not make it easier for the incorrectly placed solids to die in the end to become unfit for life – such a chunk must be destroyed before its corruption spreads to other cubes. The list of players waiting for the task closes the individual needs of the inhabitants – both people and animals in symbiosis. In the meanders of the PC game released on Windows, Block’hood introduces a simple Story mode, consisting of five chapters. Another option is Education, which is a comprehensive tutorial that allows you to get acquainted with modern technologies and how they work. In addition, there are various challenges to be solved for the Challenge module, where players receive limited resources and a limited number of blocks based on the resources they have to do. The last one on the list is the Sandbox, where you can grow without a limitation as a modern architect. Block’hood draws attention to the original audio-visual layer. In spite of its simplicity, a unique three-dimensional graphics can be enjoyed – an added attraction is the specially composed, ambient soundtrack accompanying us during the struggle.

City builders are recently on a small wave. Small, because it’s still quite a niche kind of computer game, and on the wave, because you just have to look at the success of Cities: Skylines. This game met with a very warm welcome showing that such productions still have their place in the market. Block’hood is not likely to have the same success, because it’s played to a lesser extent, but that does not mean it’s not worth it. Maybe not yet in the current stage of development, but if you like city builders, then it is worth to keep an eye on it. As the title suggests, in the Block’hood we do not build a city. The creators of the game have come to a much smaller extent and here we are developing a small neighborhood that is supposed to function like a Swiss watch being a self sustaining ecosystem. Importantly, the smaller scale of the game did not translate into a lower level of game complexity. On the contrary – in some ways, Block’hood is more complex than Cities: Skylines or the SimCity series. Our neighborhood is made up of dozens of blocks representing its various elements – shops, buildings, trees, surrounding elements, etc. Each block requires the action of certain raw materials and simultaneously produces one or more materials. Our task is to combine the individual blocks into a well functioning whole so that each one of them receives and produces the right amount. The case is not easy, because there are a lot of interdependent resources in the game and the bigger our neighborhood, the more work you will put into its smooth functioning. A simple example: To build a bar generating profits we need beer, workforce, and customers. To get the last two you have to put up housing, and those in turn require water, electricity, entertainment and fresh air, which we produce from suitable blocks. In order to create a beer you have to build a grain producing house and this is required for the fertilizer that is produced by another block. And so on and so forth. The chain of this type of interdependence is very large, and you have to remember it, because if a building does not receive the raw material for too long, it falls into ruin, which may adversely affect its immediate surroundings.

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