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Adventure game, which takes place in a communist dystopia. The player assumes the role of obedient worker who decides to escape the factory and regain lost freedom. Along the way, however, he must face various problems, from ubiquitous machines, deadly traps to numerous environmental puzzles. Black The Fall is an adventure game developed by the independent Sailor Studio team with the support of Square-Enix, the title being part of the Square Enix Collective program, in which the Japanese publisher helps independent developers. The title, released for PC Windows, also includes a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


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Description of the game

The story told in Black The Fall takes place in a communist, industrial dystopia, whose inhabitants are completely subordinated to the regime’s orders. The main character – Black – is the obedient worker of one of the factories. When the door to the factory door is broken down, decides to take the opportunity and try to escape from the workplace to regain lost freedom. In Black the Fall on PC Windows platform is presented in a side perspective. The main element of the gameplay is the exploration of the full mystery of the environment. Visited locations, including both the aforementioned factory and the gloomy city, are full of numerous traps and obstacles, as well as varied environmental puzzles. Individual puzzles are based, inter alia, on the manipulation of the elements of the environment and the use of the laws of physics. In addition, Black makes use of an atypical device – the so-called “designator” allows him to take over control over other workers, but also over machines and friendly creatures.

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Story of game

In addition, the game has implemented a sneaky system, allowing the heroes to sneak behind the back of the opponent, including both non-NPCs, as well as eternally guarded machines. The characteristic feature of Black The Fall is the visual layer, made in a sparse color scheme, against which the background contrasts with the distinctive red. With the special attention of the creators came to the animation, so that Black not only naturally moves around but also interacts with its elements. Developers define their technique as 2.75D – although most of the events we observe from the side, the camera often makes spectacular rides and rapprochements, showing action from a variety of film perspectives.

Black the Fall is a 2D action adventure shooting game that combines the elements of logic and skilanka. Sad Sand Sailor is responsible for creating the title. The game takes place in an industrialized, modern, totalitarian state, an insular communist system. In this world everyone is a potential enemy, danger is everywhere – even from the inhabitants living in symbiosis with machines. We play a hero who has no idea where he came from in a dark, unfriendly place. The world in which we will have to look for answers is dangerous – to survive, you have to kill. But this does not mean that confrontation is always the right solution; Sometimes it is wiser to just hide. An essential element of the gameplay is solving puzzles of various kinds. In addition, we can learn how to control mysterious machines. Also useful is a crafting system that allows you to create your own weapons and special ammunition. The characteristic of Black the Fall is the grim, black and white graphic design.

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