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Big Pharma is a Twice Circled economic strategy developed by the team, presenting a full black humor about the life of the president of the pharmaceutical firm. Our task is to find better and better medicines and supplements, then sell them as much as possible. Big Pharma is an economic strategy for managing a pharmaceutical company. This is the debut project of the Twice Circled studio, and was produced by Positech Games, known for its Gratuitious Space Battles and the Democracy series. Players sit in the chair of a small corporation, just trying to conquer the market. Our job is obviously to research on medicines that will save millions of lives and reduce suffering all over the world, and by the way, they will allow us to earn solid money.


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Description of the game

The latter is a priority, so the altruistic motives are best to hide in the drawer. Some less effective drugs will prove to be simply more profitable, and curing all diseases would be very bad for our business. We start our careers modestly, with a few rusty machines, with which we will develop specific features that help in light offsets. The money we invest will then be invested in better equipment and staff, which will allow us to discover new active ingredients and revolutionary technologies that will eventually lead to breakthrough medicines. Of course, all this development must be balanced so that revenue and expenditure are properly balanced. To be easy, on the road to success and fortune stands competition, which regularly releases alternative medicines and peculiarities. In addition, the virtual market is constantly changing. Some of them are rivals, others are due to the normal passing of time. For example, our amazing flu pills will not find many customers in the middle of summer, and during the winter we do not have to count on selling anti-wrinkle creams with sunscreens. In addition to the mechanisms of economic strategy, Big Pharma also offers elements taken from logic games. The place in the laboratories is expensive, so using it a hundred percent quickly becomes an absolute priority. We spend a lot of time designing the ideal machine configuration in our facility.

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Story of game

Running a pharmaceutical corporation is a really difficult task every day, especially if you have to deal with constant legal hiccups, constantly mutating viruses or epidemics that cause increased demand for a particular spec. The mission of helping people is obviously exceptional, but the renunciation of it is truly enormous. The Big Pharma shows us the best – apparently very simple, and in practice an extremely complicated strategy poses a big challenge for us. Twice Circled’s work is really a combination of logic and economic strategy. Of course, it is our job to create medicines that will meet our customers’ positive feedback and enable us to generate sufficient revenue to continue our pharmaceutical activities. We do this by setting up production lines for which we take responsibility and responsibility for ourselves – it is up to the player to design and carry out the selected components until the end of the production process, or rather, until the drug appears on the capsule . On the surface, this is not a difficult task – the entire production cycle is based on selecting the component, placing several devices and connecting them with the production tape. In practice, however, drug development proves to be incredibly complicated, especially if it is necessary to use the mix of individual products. The way in which the created agent will act on the patient depends on the degree of specificity – each of the ingredients has both a therapeutic and a side effect, and we must find a golden solution between the two, so that the amount of negative feedback does not outweigh the Confirmed cases of healing. It is therefore necessary to place in the production cycle devices that will reduce or increase concentration in such a way that the effect of the action is as strong as possible, and that production is as profitable as possible.

However, we will only create basic drugs such as weak antidepressants or tablets for abdominal pain. Creating more specialized, more expensive, and therefore more cost-effective, specialties often require a lot of investment in new machines. But we must first unlock what we do through research scientists. A similar model was also adopted in terms of discovering new constituents from insects and insects or rare plants – some of them will require us to participate in the cost of very expensive escapes to the other end of the world, but many times the profit and loss account shows that This is a game worth the candles. And in this way, the simple production line becomes mercilessly complicated, over time we deal with adding new segments, which involves a solid redesign of what we have already done. This part of the game looks just like jigsaw puzzles – we just need to use more devices, counting the next steps of concentration, and paying attention to the conditions we have to meet in order for a particular feature to develop properties that will help to fight the particular type of disease. To create the ideal drug, we will use a dozen different machines, which not only combine or break down substances introduced into the production cycle, but also mix substances or analyze them to achieve higher medicinal effectiveness of a given pharmaceutical. But as it happens in life, bacteria and viruses often like to mutate, which of course influences the fact that pharmaceutical companies have to invest a lot of money to keep up with the growing threat. The game does not lack many random situations in which rapid reaction may entail tangible financial benefits. Then patients are not paying attention even to the potential side effects – the ground for the medicine to work. In total, during our medical career, we will be able to create at least a hundred different kinds of specifics, which will often cost us a considerable amount of time and money.

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