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A crazy slasher with an elaborate fighting system and a complicated storyline. The game is about a title witch that fights the envoys of the heavens threatening humanity. During play we go through more and more weird places and fight the enemies. The spectacular battles with bosses and many exaggerated scenes are worth mentioning. All this is maintained in a mocking tone. Bayonetta is a fantasy based third-person action game in the slasher convention, the third production in the Platinum Games, founded in 2007 by former Clover Studios.


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Description of the game

Hideki Kamiya, co-producer of the Resident Evil series and first Devil May Cry, whose spiritual successor is Bayonetta, was responsible for the project. This production has been created for the seventh generation consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which debuted in the autumn of 2009. Less than five years later, the market for the Nintendo Wii has been released on the market, with the release of the console-only release. In the spring of 2017, more than seven years after the console release, a slightly improved version of Bayonetta finally got to the users of popular PCs. Bayonetta is set in a fictitious European city called Vigrid. During the game we play as the title witch, who twenty years ago woke up from a five-hundred-year-old dream. Deprived of any remembrance of his past, Bayonetta discovers, however, that five hundred years ago there were two factions in the world, balancing between darkness and light. Each of them had one half of a mighty artifact known as the Eye of the World.

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Story of game

It turns out that our protagonist is in possession of one of them, which draws the attention of the messengers of the heavens, seeking to obtain both pieces of the artifact at all costs. In order to discover the truth of its past and gain the second of the legendary eyes of the world, Bayonetta is forced to cross a wide range of locations and confront the hosts of smaller opponents and various minibosss – from small, humanoid creatures to child’s face. Powerful monsters capable of controlling the forces of nature. In terms of mechanics Bayonetta is part of the popular Asian slasher, combining elements of adventure action game with a very powerful and effective combat system. During clashes with numerous opponents, our protagonist can use weak and powerful attacks and complex combos using a variety of white weapons and with four pistols, two of which are attached to her heels. It can also make use of the weapons left behind by opponents. However, the key to victory is first of all skilful use of time slowdown, launched by dodging a moment before the opponent’s blow will hit the heroine. This is not all, however, because the main strength of our heroine is concentrated in her hair, which, when not in use, forms a stingy and tight-fitting Bayonetta costume. Thanks to them, it is able to summon huge demons from hell, which are able to crush even the most powerful opponents into the pulp, as well as deadly torture machines that can decapitate rivals or crush them in an iron grip. The quirky quirks of boss battles, with the lack of QTE arcade sequences, were further enhanced with platform sequences, as well as chases where Bayonetta makes use of the motorcycle.

Anime poet without japanese lines, comedy – even sour – feature sketch and dynamic jatka. This game had to go. I went. Bayonetta is a must have for console owners. Well, unless they are totally sad, expecting only 100% of the serious climate. Such players will probably fall off at the intro level, but behind the goalie can also make a demo version. Try it, you will not regret it. The time spent with this sexy witch will fully compensate you for the cost of the game. It would seem that in the category of action games – based on fighting with powerful opponents and even more powerful bosses – cards are long handed. At the table Dante and Kratos are sitting, no one else is allowed to enter the game. It turned out, however, that a fresh look may break the status quo. On the one hand, they attacked the creators of Darksiders: Wrath of War, the other cheers of Bayonetta. This is how much you can do with the distance to your own idea, recently proved Tim Shaffer with his Brütal Legend. Hideki Kamiya and the Platinum Games team did not just come out of a similar premise, they added a product almost devoid of defects. If at any point you find that Bayonetta gets too much out of Devil May Cry, then go back to the paragraph above. Look at the name: Hideki Kamiya. Yes, it is the man responsible for, among other things, the first part of the story of the son of Spard. Now all clear, right? The title character of the game Bayonetta is impressive. The creators referred to the specifics of the anime, but not in … the line. Yes, the film inserts are exactly in the Japanese cartoon style, but lack almost manganese. So we have slowed down cadre, overdrawn characters doing over-heroic acts and camera raid on attackers. We do not have a Japanese line, huge eyes, even bigger breasts and hairstyles from outer space.

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