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Hybrid strategic and RPG game played in a turn-based system. The player embarks on a mercenary company commander wandering the dark fantasy world. His duties include taking care of good equipment and morale of the team members, cloaking well paid orders, and above all – commanding in bloody, tactical battles. Battle Brothers is a turn-based strategy / RPG game, released on PC Windows platform. Production takes us into the dark fantasy realm, reminding us of the climate of the novel Ice Song and the Fire of George R.R. Martina, and allows you to play as a mercenary group leader. For the creation and release of the title is responsible for the German team Overhype Studios, for which Battle Brothers is a debut on the game market.


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Description of the game

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, Mount & Blade, Jagged Alliance and the first part of the XCOM series. Battle Brothers takes us to the author’s medieval world in a fantasy environment, specifically – low fantasy. This subspecies means that the universe of the game is much more like the real world, and supernatural elements are rare. Here we will not see here the glorious battle of good and evil, led by paladins in shining armor and wizards in colored robes. The Battle Brothers’ world is gray and raw, full of ordinary people working to sweat their brows on a piece of bread and caused by mundane motives. Villagers cultivate the surrounding fields, repelling the attacks of bandits and robbers, and gentlemen plot intrigue against other families. Fantasy elements appear mainly in the presence of two green-eyed races: large and powerful orcs, and small and agile goblins. In dark places you can also meet the dead, brought back to life by dark powers. There are zombies, skeletons of ancient warriors, specters, necromancers, and teleporting vampires.

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Story of game

The player goes to this world as a member of a mercenary company hired to track down a local bandit. The team falls into a trap, is fired from the bows, and must desperately fight for survival. In the last seconds of life the mercenary captain gives us command of the team. If we want to live tomorrow, we must collect the survivors and get out of the ambush. Our desperate attack smashes bandits, axes shatter their shields, spears pinch to the ground … Freedom is facing us open. In a nearby town we can lick wounds, repair equipment, hire new people. From now on we are the captain. We decide what weapons are used by our mercenaries, what kind of armor they wear and what role they play on the battlefield. On our head there is also a search for lucrative orders, thanks to which we can not only fill the bellows with gold, but also make our team name famous. A company with a good reputation can count on the best paid jobs. Precious, powerful equipment and well-trained members will be added at a later stage of the game when one of the final crises comes: the Green Arrow invasion, the undead attack or the civil war between nobles. Green-wing invasion is a coordinated campaign led by combined forces of orcs and goblins, who shoulder their arm in an attempt to destroy the human world. The alarm signal is the spreading of the camps of these breeds in close proximity to human settlements. At some point warlike tribes are moving in large numbers to burn, murder, and match the land of the city and the village. The second possible crisis, that is the attack of the undead, is a sudden increase in the power of dark forces, bringing the corpses and directing them to the attack on the living quarters. In contrast to the green-eyed, the undead do not burn the captured sludge, but turn it into the wicked magic necropolis from where the next death cohorts fight. The third possibility is the war between local magnates. Noble families send armies of their soldiers to gain towns and villages belonging to rivals. This situation gives us the opportunity to speak to one of the magnates, but also forces us to deal with a new wave of banditry, powered by deserters.

Battle Brothers combines elements of strategy games and RPG. The gameplay takes place in two modes: on the global map we can travel around the world in real time, visit cities, buy equipment and enter into contracts. When we start the fight, the game switches to turn-based mode, and all the fighters are deployed on a board of six hexes. Under our command may be up to twelve mercenaries, armed with various types of weapons and having individual sets of characteristics. Characteristics of a soldier and his or her weapon defines his ability on the battlefield: the ax can destroy the enemy shield, the combat hammer mercenary works well against an armored adversary, and the man with the mace can stun the adversary, which will force him to bypass the next turn. Archers and arrows attack from a distance, and spearmen through the so-called. The spear’s wall deals an immediate blow to an opponent who will approach them inadvertently. The game does not use the class system, so each mercenary can equip at their discretion. However, some combinations may be better than others, not only because of the differences in the statistics describing the characters, but also by the presence of the characteristics. For example: a mercenary with Bleed will bleed for one round longer than other characters in the event of injury, so it is wiser to allocate him to fight for distance. Features of mercenaries can also cause random events on the global map: from small positive bonuses such as extra fish from fish caught by a mercenary fisherman to quarrels, fights, and even death and life duels if our team is in the squad. Two wandering knights. The battle system used in the Battle Brothers does not use a method known, for example, from XCOM, where a player can move all his characters in his own turn, and then himself to do computer AI. Instead, at the beginning of turn for each fighting character, the value of the initiative is calculated, which places it at the appropriate queue level. The initiative is calculated on the basis of various statistics such as action points, fatigue or weight of the armor used. An exhausted soldier armed with heavy armor awaits his train much longer than a rested militant in a light spike.

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