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An adventure action game set in the alternative, retrofuturistic reality of the 60’s, where most people enjoy endless happiness through indoctrination and the miracle drug. The main character is one of the rebellious and in order to survive, he is forced to observe the world closely and understand the principles governing him. We Happy Few is the original adventure game released on PC Windows, set in an alternative, retrofuturistic version of England in the 60s of the last century. The independent game British studio Compulsion Games, known for its Contrast-like atmosphere, is responsible for creating the game.


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Description of the game

In the game we move to the fictitious town of Wellington Wells, whose almost all inhabitants live in unending happiness. This is, however, the result of the use of hallucinogenic drugs and debauchery by constantly watching their Uncle Jack. We rebel in one of those unhappy citizens who have not succumbed to the system and must at all times be ready to fight for survival in a dystopian world, where all manifestations of difference are ruled out. To succeed, our protagonist must carefully look at the reality and understand the rules in it. We Happy Few is shown in a first person perspective, and during the fun we explore the streets of the town by collecting and using various objects. Some of them allow us to restore delicate health, others serve to break into homes, and still others – like various weapons – to fight opponents. All the time we must behave in accordance with local rules in place, because any unnatural behavior and suspicion of more than one person can end in tragic.

Story of game

There is a whole lot of dangers everywhere, as many of the rooms are equipped with various traps and alarms informing residents. It can be dangerous to use any item that is used in the wrong way. Even eating saturated with a miracle drug of happiness in too large amounts leads to overdose and death. The game world is procedurally generated, so that we will never be in the same town during the next game. Reality was taken by the creators of Compulsion Games in a peculiarly redesigned way, though the theme of the game touches on important topics, drawing inspiration, among others. From the works of Geroge Orwell and Aldous Huxley, or games like BioShock. The graphic design of the Windows PC game has been maintained in a similar style as the first studio production – Contrast – and the mentioned BioShock.¬†We Happy Few is a new production of Compulsion Games – climate creators Contrast. The game is similar to the Sims, but in the adult version. The title appeared in digital distribution on PS4, XONE and PC. Observed in the game from the FPP perspective, the world is mirrored in a crooked mirror a totalitarian system – a controlled society with a cheerful drug and an unhappy player wishing to break away from the tentacles of mysterious Uncle Jack’s regime. This uncle speaks to us from the city-wide receivers, talking about the joy and lack of life that we know in Wellington Welles.

They are 60s, and the population in this English-styled town regularly strikes a mood-enhancing diarrhea called Joy. It is used in special devices like telephone booths. Probably because of the permanently circulating in the body of chemistry people can no longer naturally enjoy, so he wears masks with smiles glued to his face. If we take our dose of Joya, the screen gets blurred and the surroundings are bathed in bright colors. When ecstasy passes – everything becomes boring and black and white again. The drug can not be overdone. Overdose causes dehydration, which in turn makes our people get sad. We also need to control other “indicators” – health and satiety. With no meals we gradually lose strength, which naturally will lead to death over time and escape will have to be taken over again. One party in We Happy Few is 3-4 hours, and to try to encourage us randomly generated environment, which makes each game different from the previous one. If we get the dehydration mentioned above, we can slip into an open house and drink a glass of water. But be careful not to be noticed by anyone, because all incompatible with the canon of behavior arouse the suspicion of the victim society. If we openly and openly search the dumpsters, even if we look for items from which we will create weapons or first aid kits or even run too much, we can pull ourselves on the neck of a puppetless system that will not hesitate to shake us with a shovel.

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PC Downloaden Game

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