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Tyranny is an RPG developed for PCs, set in a fantasy world in which the forces of evil are won. In the campaign, players will play as an army officer of a dark lord trying to lead the war after winning a war. During play, the player commands the character’s team, and the battle takes place in real-time with the option of active pause. Tyranny is a Windows-based RPG game developed by the Obsidian studio, specializing in such titles as Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. The game’s action is set in the bleak, fantasy land of fantasy, long after the dark creature known as Kyros had defeated the mortal powers, ridiculed heroes, and took control of the whole world, introducing the title tyranny everywhere.


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Description of the game

The main character is the person who has benefited from this transaction. We play as an officer in the Kyros army, an ordinary judge and executioner, guarding the will of the despots. It does not mean that we are forced to play a psychopath for the innocent people. This option, of course, is available, but an equally effective way to keep Kyros loyal to the people is to bring absolute but just governments. In addition, the high position of the character on the social ladder makes even small decisions significantly affect the situation in the world, shaping the future of the entire universe and its thousands of inhabitants. The completion of the Tyranny takes less time than it was the case with Pillars of Eternity, but this time Obsidian has put a lot of emphasis on multiple passes. During the game, we make a lot of key choices that change the course of events. Ally with one of the parties and use it for your own purposes. In the Windows PC platform Tyranny we start with the creation of the character.

Story of game

We decide not only on its qualities, but also on how the war was taking place in which the forces of good were defeated. These choices significantly affect the state of the land during the campaign, such as how much it has been destroyed, or what is the ratio of forces between different organizations. In the game we mainly explore the world, fulfill tasks and fight. The authors have prepared about eighty locations, some of which, given the history of the game world, resemble postapocalyptic landscapes. What’s more, with the hero’s progress and the progress of the story, their appearance changes. Skirmishes are played in real time with the option of active pause. During the adventures the hero joins a total of six comrades, and our relationship with them plays a role not only in the development of the plot, but also in the skirmishes – and it is due to the mechanics of combos, which allows to create combinations of attacks, which involve many warriors. As for the RPG, Tyranny also offers a character development system. This is reminiscent of the famous The Elder Scrolls series, because we improve skills mainly by using them during the game. The experience gained is used to advance to the next level, which increases the hero’s base stats.¬†Obsidian, eh, Obsidian. You can not love them. And for previous achievements, and for that matter up to date. This year was supposed to belong to the new Divinity, which is excellent, and also to the new Torment, which also promises to be fabulous, although it will eventually come out only in a few months, after the New Year. And the Tyranny? No one expected much after this game. Obsidian had announced her with such shyness a few months before the premiere. Without a great pump, without twisting the spiral of expectations, on the contrary, as if they were ashamed that they were picking something out on their side, in the interruptions of working on some other, more important game. Such a side project, right? I felt so impressed. But, on all the gods of the eruption of the world, I will ask more of such. Tyranny is fantastic. Better than Pillars of Eternity. Great surprise on a cool, rainy November. Tyranny is a fantasy for adults. Instead of once again reaching the established post-Soviet convention, elves, orcs and dragons, Obsidian graciously looked at a completely different current of contemporary fantasy.

This adult, dark and brutal, pioneered by Moorcock with his Elric, and who developed Cook describing the adventures of the Black Company and Erikson in the tattered volumes of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. This is fantasy without heroes. There are no positive forms in them, they are only negative, and some are really negative, and some underneath the condoms are still some kind of human remains. Reszteczki. Well hidden. Tyranny goes the path laid out by these authors. He goes a certain step, determined as the conqueror. Which is, literally and figuratively. The Tyranny tells us the story is a little bit like those of other fantasy games. Here too is the Great Evil, the merciless, all-powerful Hegemon who, with the power of his incomprehensible Magic Edicts, throws on his knees and rages entire kingdoms. His fanatically loyal armies have conquered almost the entire known world, flooding him with the blood and tears of once free peoples. Hegemonic power is based only on Teras, the last land in the South, consisting of proud kingdoms, ready to defend their independence in the end. We will stand in their defense, right? And how? On the contrary! We will go to the top of the tyrant army as faithful Archett of Justice, fire and sword, carrying the Hegemonic decadents! On the occasion of conquest we will lead to the destruction of several cities, the devastation of several lands and the death of tens of thousands. And it’s in the prologue itself. The Tyranny perfectly sets up the action and introduces us to the story. The bloody conquest of Teras is already taking place in the process of creating our anti-hero, when we decide what his or her was, participating in this whole work. Our decisions affect later on the course of the game and how we first deal with individual factions and people. Of course this will change, because we will have many more opportunities to make enemies in the process of suppressing rebellions in conquered lands. Not to mention that we will have to agree on one side of the civil war between the Ravaged and Scarlet Chancellor, the two elite Hegemon armies that first conquered the Terraces, and then as a result of the animosity between their commanders, the Archmage of War and Mysteries, jumped To throat We, as the Servant of the Archives of Justice, are theoretically neutral. A kind of police officer. Hegemonian political officer.

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PC Downloaden Game

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