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An isometric survival game in which we play one of the eight survivors of a plane crash trying to survive the snow and frost of Alaska’s forests. Among the other species, the game is highlighted by a co-op play for max. 8 people. This makes the game unpredictable, as each member of the team in a crisis situation may behave differently and discover the worst of us before us. Download The Wild Eight is an isometric survival game, with a special focus on the cooperative game of up to eight players. Released on the Windows PC platform title is a debut production of the Russian studio 8 Points.

The Wild Eight tells the story of eight unrelated individuals whose life undergoes one day of complete change. They are a group of survivors from the mysterious plane crash that takes place in the snow and ice of Alaska. As easy to guess, players play the role of one of the cheerleaders, and their task is to join forces with other players to survive and find the way back home. The mechanics of the game in The Wild Eight derives from the achievements of the extremely popular sandbox of survival simulators in which the players controlled by the characters go to an unfriendly environment and their main task is to survive. In the game, the 8 Points studio was full of elements such as exploration and discovery of further mysteries of the environment, extensive system of craft and character development, and the fight against mutated animals and other dangers lurking on players in the North American tundra.


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Description of the game

Using the raw materials found during the game, we also need to build a shelter for the whole group and create many useful tools to help them survive in an environment where food is not easy to eat, and at night the temperature falls to the critical levels of the human body. We also need to build a shelter for the whole group and create many useful tools to help them survive in an environment where food is not easy to eat, and at night the temperature falls to the critical levels. Of the human body. Using raw materials found during the game, we also need to build a shelter for the whole group and create many useful tools to help them survive in an environment where food is not easy to eat, and at night the temperature falls to the critical levels of the human body. The biggest innovation, not a ten-axis surprise, is the emphasis on teamwork. In each game you can focus more people, from different places – unlike other types of personality and morality. In the course of the game, we never know if one of us in crisis will turn out to be selfish without selfishness, who does not intend to give up the neck for a group and will not hesitate to sacrifice another place for himself. Windows on the PC platform The Wild Eight, characterized by a cartoon, slightly cartoon and heavily redesigned visual. In spite of the original graphic style, the creators have managed to recreate in a most suggestive manner the climate of frosts and inaccessible to the average man of Alaska.

It is hard to overstate the fact that among these studies they come from the eastern part of Siberia – the furthest away in the most expensive places in the world, where they say themselves: “Breakfast is eaten by a bear, lunch is made up of video, and for dinner it burns out – because electricity is In this part of the world too expensive “. The Wild Eight is a cooperative survival for 8 people. In the game 8 Points studio you can work with both friends and strangers on the Internet. The story focuses on a group of survivors of a plane crash over a cold Alundian tundra. Their primary goal is to survive, but they also have a chance to discover the reason for their plane crash. Unfortunately, nothing seems fine in this region. Players focus primarily on the survival of the group. Due to the fact that we are dealing with a multiplayer title, there is an unpredictable behavior of human companions, especially when the food is lacking. There was also extensive crafting and exploration of procedurally generated maps. However, be careful because it quickly turns out that wild game and temperature do not pose the greatest threat in The Wild Eight. The action is observed from the isometric view, and the graphics maintain a dark, cartoon style. In addition, it should be noted that the title does not have a multiplayer mode at all.

Story of game

The class of survival redirection has a considerable measure of nonstop years, and, dismissing essential complexities, for instance with respect to the blueprints or the perspective got a handle on (first or third individual), the insight is for all intents and purposes nothing or ever dependably the proportionate. Despite whether we wind up exhausted by dint of flinging little stones into the void in the longing for hammering out a poor little rabbit, we could keep contributing hours remaining on the edge of the pulverized plane, so to grow fairly camp there and to enhance his workbench to the best level, without achieving an option that is other than make due whatever number days as would be sensible.

In any case, when found the experience log, our way to deal with deal with the beguilement changes basically. The proposed missions, fundamental and assistant, are there to facilitate the player while remaining extraordinarily undefined in their title, to push us to leave our standard extent of shared trait and research grabbing the manual for discover any signs. Along these lines, without attempting to wreck the preoccupation, you will be asked, despite various things, to discover whatever is left of the rest of the parts of the plane, or to acknowledge where can lead electric bends inquisitively planted amidst the backcountry … The Wild Eight is along these lines at long last like a veritable round of examination and experience. On the off chance that the helpful bit of survival is required to advance (and without a doubt, you didn’t would like to twist in flip battles by shouting amidst a woods amidst Alaska!), It shows just inspiration to take you profoundly of a progression of tracks somewhat unpredictable.

The place of the setback will step by step uncover its privileged insights to the survivors, will’s identity bewildered by the introduction of surrendered structures: old predictable research workplaces in which peculiar encounters appear to have been driven. This bit of examination is regardless astoundingly well inside and out considered. We wind up included with the distraction, inquisitive to find what is in the new safe house that we can find there, yet that we can not seek after the time as a result of the wolves sneaking around or essentially in light of the manner in which that the yearning we are squeezing and persuading us to stop. So unreasonably shocking if survival backs us off, and obliges us to consume one more day doing battling a transcendent weapon. Since at long last, we wind up remaining on the distraction over and over, with the genuine goal to at long last cut the puzzler that thickens logically after some time and voyages. The Wild Eight was clearly thought to play in participation with his sidekicks.

On the purpose of landing of the preoccupation, the multiplayer mode is even before the execution mode. Survival in ill-disposed space is impressively more lovely to many. This makes it conceivable to inquire about essentially more rapidly, outlining a more secure course, for instance, between the wolves that are to a great degree the essential issue in the progress of the survivors. All things considered, the cutoff reasons for speculation are rapidly felt. Despicably, the workshop isn’t standard between the players. In this manner, you will discover rapidly with several insignificant separate camps, every agriculturist on his side to build up his own exceptional workshop.

Furthermore, it’s not the sheets that can be put with a little message wherever on the guide that will stretch out the longing to twist parcels with his sidekicks. Incredibly, adjacent to the laughing that will be obtained at the rule crazy passings with his amigos of hardship, there is negligible favored viewpoint at present to help the multiplayer mode. Particularly since the last is at present all over untrustworthy. Consequently, rather than contributing an unending length of vitality trying to make a server your partners can not interface with, we prescribe seeing The Wild Eight as an OK solo beguilement.

Get download The Wild Eight, at this moment in early access, will simply show ‘as of recently another survival redirection for the people who will simply research it. In any case, the title is as a general rule significantly more lavish than that, proposing a real story plot as missions to handle, that players will take I’m sure to discover persistently. So really, some will wind up bewildered with contemplating the reliable organization of cool and craving. Finding sustenance is a certifiable conundrum at first, and may kill the delight of an extensive proportion of players. Notwithstanding, this extraordinarily asking for continuous collaboration finally makes sense of how to make a to a great degree fascinating strain between the enthusiasm of examination and the purposeful log stick caused by the┬áneed to stay alive. The future patches will give us signs on the inclination of the architects, to check whether they will pick before the last entry of the redirection to focus and broaden rather the experience, or survival of their title. Anyway, it would be a disfavor to lose an equality for the time charmingly found.


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