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A dark survival horror, directed by Japanese producer Shinji Mikami, considered a co-creator of this genre. The production of the developer known for Resident Evil is another trip to the dreadful reality in which a player must fight for survival. The Evil Within, originally dubbed Zwei’s working name, is a mix of survival horror and action games from a third person perspective. Tango Gameworks studio is headed by Japanese producer Shinji Mikami, father of such games as Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry and Onimusha. The developer is well-known for his groundbreaking survival horror genre, which has crystallized in Mikami’s most famous production, Resident Evil.


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Description of the game

After many side projects like Vanquish or Shadows of the Damned, the creator decided to return to the roots to scare the players again. History shows the fate of an ordinary detective named Sebastian. The hero travels with his two partners to the gloomy town to investigate the crime scene in his psychiatric facility, built in gothic style. It turns out that in the place where the murder was committed, there is no living soul. After crossing the gate of the hospital, detectives are witnessing a frightening sight of brutally mutilated bodies. In the course of the investigation, the lead character of the story is suddenly attacked and loses consciousness – when the accompanying policeman is killed in front of her eyes. Then travels deep into the dark and a real fight for survival in a world full of aggressive and bloodthirsty mascot. There are no dramatic turns in the gameplay – the storyline is based primarily on the theme of mystery and madness.

Story of game

The atmosphere of greed and despair is gradually built – the creators have balanced the gameplay elements so that the player can feel the danger of danger at every turn. The climate is turning not so much of a strong storyline, but slowly exploring the secrets of the dreaded little town. The Evil Within action is mostly linear and the locations we visit during this dark journey are claustrophobic. In the remainder of the campaign, however, there is no more open space where we can afford more freedom. An additional advantage is the change in the least expected moment of the environment. Hero often has visions in the F.E.A.R. series, during which disturbing things happen to him. Finding the darkest corners of the corridors should not be associated with a stress free walk – the game is brutal, and blood is often poured in hectoliters and splashes from the hideous corpses of dead corpses on all sides. The creators have reduced the interface to a minimum – we will not see anything here except the life belt and thumbnails of the currently used weapons with the number of cartridges. The Evil Within game is not just shooting, the Tango Gameworks studio also offers the ability to steal and use items to distract zombies and similar creatures. An additional obstacle is the effect of chilling blood on the veins of events on the psyche of the character – as another game under the aegis of Bethesdy Softworks, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

I sincerely admit that I was afraid to take The Evil Within to review. Earlier I deliberately did not report when the editor asked “who wants to test Alien: Isolation?”. Horror makes me chop in my brain. Every game whose main purpose is to bring palpitations of the heart makes me really hysterical. I can not, I can not, I do not want to. I mean, I want some part of me to be afraid, to focus closer to the screen and occasionally squeak like a little girl. This unreasonable part of me has provoked me to be tempted at The Evil Within. And you know what? It was not that bad. Although this is probably not the thing you want to read in horror reviews. Does that mean that it did not work? Not exactly. Meet Sebastian Castellanos, a detective with a history of the sufferings and tragedies on his face betraying the abnormal mastery that will accompany him throughout the game. Our brave cop gets one day a call to the psychiatric facility of Beacon Hospital, where the murder was done. After coming in. We soon know that something went wrong here – bodies are everywhere, and we are quickly drawn into a frightening reality where the border between nightmares and reality is very fluid. Or maybe … it’s not reality, but rather … unreality? It starts out great. The creators are not sticking with us and practically throw us into deep water right away. Haunted hospital, crazy, mutated figure, horror atmosphere, flashing lights, hide in the lockers. Unfortunately, the game looks just for a moment. It does not take long, and real miracles are beginning to happen. We move in a different place, moving with paranormal force, and everywhere we break through by far too many, less and less frightening enemies. We land in a village almost rescued from Resident Evil 4, in the city, in the vaults, in the mansion, in the mine, again in the hospital, changes are temporary and usually involve some kind of vision. Well, we’re going down the corridor, looking for a hitch and suddenly “BAM”, another place.

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