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Tactical network shooter, the spiritual continuation of one of the most popular modifications to Battlefield 2, known as Project Reality. The game puts special emphasis on the mode of cooperation and cooperation in the team and realism, which is the result of Battlefield arcade-style shootings with simulation games like the ArmA series. Squad is a tactical cyberattack, with a particular emphasis on co-operation and teamwork. One of the most popular modifications to Battlefield 2, known as Project Reality, is responsible for the development of the game.


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Description of the game

The title was originally a commercial continuation of fashion, but as a result of the split, most of the team decided to devote themselves to creating a separate, more ambitious production. The game takes place on large map sizes of up to 16 square kilometers. Up to 100 players can be involved in the game, divided into two opposing factions. This gives the impression of a realistic battlefield where teamwork and communication between the members of the title “team” is the key to success, and each player can take on another type of offensive or defensive task. The creators have provided ample arsenal of weapons as well as the ability to use a variety of vehicles such as armored personnel carriers and cars. In addition, the commanders of individual teams have quite a lot of opportunities to shape the battlefield, for example by raising various types of fortifications. Technically, Squad uses the advanced Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine to deliver high quality visual experience. Noteworthy are models reproduced in the smallest details, weapons and elements of uniforms and equipment of fighting soldiers.

Story of game

Project Reality is the best and most famous modification to Age of Battlefield 2, which has been living and developing for years, despite the fact that the series itself has already received several hits. And it turned out that Project Reality producers have been working on their own independent production for over a year – the Squad. The Squad is built on the same principles as Project Reality, a network battle in which hundreds of players take part in a battle that faithfully reflects today’s battlefield in all aspects. The game is based on realism, tactics, coordination and communication, and although this is still a network-based shooter, it’s much closer to its climate and style to produce such as ArmA or Project Reality than the popular Battlefields and Call of Duty. Offworld Industries’ authors, many of whom are active duty veterans and veterans of fidelity to reality, promise huge maps that allow for a variety of advanced tactics, as well as a wide variety of equipment, including vehicles that can be used under Action of combined forces. Squad has already appeared on Steam, not yet in the playable version, but in the Greenlight section, where you can vote in favor of the project, so that in future it may appear on this digital distribution platform. It can be seen that although DICE and EA, the makers of the Battlefield series, have not been supporting mods for years, the authors of the latter can manage themselves and create an interesting alternative to the slow-stagnating high-budget cycle.

As announced last month, Offworld Industries began selling the early tactical Squad shooter. The game is now available for purchase under Early Access. The price was set at € 36.99, which translates into about $ 161. The production of cheap is not, but the fans of the genre do not have much to change and probably many of them will support the authors and provide them with additional resources for production. In addition, the creators expect that the suggestions made during the tests will have a positive effect on the shape of the final product. Before you decide to purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the hardware requirements. Of course, it should be remembered that the project is at an early stage of production, and nowadays, developers have not spent much time optimizing the engine. The early reviews of the Squad version sold in Early Access are positive and, according to them, the game can now provide a lot of fun. The expectations for this production are very high as it is the first commercial title for the legendary project Reality, which is still considered one of the best tactical shooters in history. This modification can for some time be downloaded as a standalone free game, so the authors will have to make a solid effort to convince players to spend money on a spiritual heir. Let’s remind you that the game focuses solely on large-scale network games, on maps that can hold up to 100 users divided into two teams. Squad was designed so that the game mechanics forced close cooperation between the members of the squad, and single wolves had no chance of doing too much. In pursuit of this goal helps to enable the role of commander, which allows to build defensive structures and coordinate the actions of colleagues.

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PC Downloaden Game

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