Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Download game

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam download

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam proves once again the talent of its creators to offer quality maps. The Territory mode returns to propose a defense attack where the Yankees will always be on the offensive, taking advantage of the density of the cards to create a mille-feuille where each corner can potentially accommodate the mouth of an opposing canon. To progress is not a sinecure, and it is necessary (in addition to granting a confidence sometimes blind to the other members of the squad) to take advantage of each cover to avoid finishing six feet under ground. Suppremacy mode offers the biggest playing fields, with helicopters and all the toutim, and presents itself as a mesh of flags linked to the bases of the two teams. In addition to capturing the points, it is necessary to maintain a link between the points and the HQ, otherwise the ticket counter will not climb. It is therefore quite possible to create a squad whose sole purpose is to undermine more distant areas, creating at the same time a hole in the line and posing a good big handful of stones in the rangers of the guys opposite . There is also a mode in a smaller committee, calibrated for a maximum of sixteen players and much more focused on direct action.


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Description of the game

Beyond these modes that purr by the fireside, it is of course the associated LD that makes the mayonnaise rise quietly. Whether urban maps, rice fields or others lost in the depths of the jungle and hung with strong relief, the entire map cycle is a nice fan showing both variety, But also mastery. The biggest job of course comes from the firing lines, or rather from their multiplicity, tipping the player in the paranoia. An aspect all the more appreciable that with the helicopters in the dance, the canopy also occupies a role of choice to protect its loaves. The excitement of the battles (one or two balls are enough to fall), the times of respawn and the distance of the objectives also transform all access to a bridgehead in a race to the flag which it will of course be necessary to refrain, under pain of To expose the top of his helmet to the turn of a hill, and to make himself bore the watermelon in the majority of the cases.

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Story of game

Smuggling classes offer a bit of air and a sense of virtual security for the team to walk the last few meters in the middle of a firework display of all calibres. In addition to the soldiers’ artillery firecrackers, it was mainly artillery fire that set the tone, crushing positions with large-caliber shells or those loaded with phosphorus, creating forms and volumes as hypnotic as they were deadly.
In this sense, the visual effects associated with suppression or close explosions will be regretted, and the screen will in time be transformed into a cataract simulation, from which it is impossible to distinguish the slightest form.
On the ballistic side, the power of the weapons is perfectly translated into play and the whole rack is a pleasure to handle, as in all the productions of Tripwire. Emptying entire bands of M60 through the lush vegetation on a simple intuition is really exhilarating and the delay that the game prints (a few seconds) on the kill counter between the moment of frag and the one where it is indicated brings a little more tension And forces the player to remain attentive rather than simply zieuter the corner of the screen. Only small shadow on the board, the lack of retreat of certain automatic weapons (AK at the head) which facilitates a little too the shots in automatic with long distance.

However, this pretty picture can not by itself overshadow the few flaws that free Rising Storm 2 Vietnam download is carrying.
The first thing that marks is first and foremost its graphic rendering which, without falling into shame, is far from putting full the mirettes. If the pyrotechnic effects are illusory, the rest is clearly lacking in geometry and creates volumes somewhat sliced, not really honoring the Unreal Engine. The same goes for the characters, whose apathetic look would pass any pair of socks holes for a model of charisma. In spite of everything, a few panoramas will suffice to transport anyone in the midst of this conflict and we especially appreciate the integration of a graphic filter (optional) to desaturate colors and creating a palette closer to TV documentaries of the ‘time.

Rising Storm 2 VietnamĀ free pc game

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam free

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