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The next installment of the iconic first-person quake shooter series. The production was made for PCs, so developers from id Software could deliver the game at 120 Hz and no frame rate limit. Quake Champions is the fifth major installment of the legendary Quake series shooter, while the second is in the series, which is dedicated to multiplayer. The game was created primarily for e-sports on the Windows PC platform, and its creators are, like previous releases, the id Software studio, which has also included titles such as Doom and Wolfenstein.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

In terms of the model of the Quake Champions game directly refers to the cult game Quake III: Arena. Players are playing dynamic and bloody duels in relatively narrow arenas, using an arsenal of classic weapons and no less classic power-ups. Like the protagonist, players do not move to the top of the set, but need to find a weapon at the bottom of the level. Despite this commitment to tradition, id Software has also decided to innovate. Each playable character has a single special ability that can give the player an edge at a critical moment. For example, Ranger has a manual teleporter, Visor can temporarily see opponents through walls, and Scale Bearer can perform a killer charge. Nevertheless, winners or losers are primarily determined by the players’ abilities – even the classic bunny hopping or rocket jumping techniques. Quake Champions for PC Windows is based on the id Engine 6 engine, which guarantees nice graphics with relatively low hardware requirements. In addition, the developer prides itself on providing 120 Hz gameplay and no animation frame rate per second – which is to emphasize the e-sports jam of the title.

Story of game

The free version will have its limitations. Studio id Software has confirmed that Quake Champions will use the F2P model, so everyone interested will play the production for free. However, what is important, in a free edition we will be able to use only one character class. All the rest you will need to buy. Without paying any money we get access to the Ranger class. We will unlock the rest of the rest with the currency earned during the game. In this case, access to the hero will be limited in time. Players may also choose to purchase the Champion Pack, which contains all the characters available in the game. We will pay real money for this package and we will be able to use it without any restrictions. The bottom line is that regardless of whether someone is going to play Quake Champions for free or if they want to buy heroes, they always have access to all maps and modes. Creators will not impose any limits. The aforementioned virtual currency is also used to buy challenges that will be rewarded with decorative elements for our heroes. The decision to go to the F2P model alone was to dictate that developers want to attract as many customers as possible to their game. The free version should make the title interesting for users from other parts of the world than North America and Western Europe. This is primarily about Asia, where free games offering micropayments are extremely popular.

We still do not know the final date of the Quake Champions release, but we can be sure that some players are having a great time on the servers. During the ongoing beta, the daredevils test the new id Software game and the first reviews are very positive. Quake Champions is the latest production of the experienced id Software. The creators decided to significantly color their struggles and offer players a free-2-play distribution. Currently closed beta, during which many players had the opportunity to check the production and first opinions about Quake Champions are very positive. The athletes praise the dynamic struggles, the heroes available and the smooth play. The creators reportedly do not revolutionize the duels, but draw from their previous projects all the essence and serve it in the latest title. Can this succeed? Much depends on the final content, but if the studio takes care of some interesting modes, diverse maps and really will not tire the players with small payments, then the Quake Champions may turn out to be one of the biggest surprises of 2017. Overall, when looking at gameplay on the one hand I regret that the title will not jump on consoles, but on the other … It’s rather a project prepared exclusively for PC. It is difficult to imagine such a smooth movement on the pad …

Quake Champions Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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