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Prey brand reboot. Players play a man who has been experimenting with science. One day he wakes up at the space station that the aliens have mastered, and must fight for his life. The Arkany studio, known from the Dishonored series, is responsible for the title. Prey is a first person shooter, tied to a title by Human Head, released in 2006. The new game does not have much in common with the prototype – apart from the name, the two titles are essentially just a species affiliation and the fact that in both of these productions we deal with the elimination of overwhelming alien forces.


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Description of the game

Both games combine a relatively difficult “childhood” – both the original 2006 Prey and his successor were undergoing a number of revisions and remixes, both feature and technical. After the success of the first part, original creators, members of Human Head Studios, began work on the sequel, which was named Prey 2. The project, built on the id Tech 4 engine, has never been completed yet, and in 2014 Bethesda officially announced the suspension of work on the game. Two years later, the new release has nothing in common with the previously planned sequel. Arkane Studios, known for the successful Dishonored series, is responsible for creating the new Prey. To avoid PC optimization problems that took place during the launch of Dishonored 2, developers decided not to use the Void engine used there for the latest version of CryEngine. The main character of the game is Morgan Yu – depending on the choice of the player, woman or man – a part of a scientific project to improve the human race. The right action begins in the year 2032. We are waking up at the Transist Corporation’s Talos 1 space station, which in unacknowledged circumstances has taken on an aggressive alien race. Using the items and weapons found, we try to survive in unequal combat with a powerful enemy.

Story of game

The action of the game takes place in several locations with an open structure, so we have a lot of freedom – we decide how and when we perform the individual tasks. There are no scripted actions, instead of using advanced simulation algorithms, so the adventure is slightly different each time. Prey on Windows PC is not a typical shooter: traditional firearms and ammunition for her is here as a cure, and the fun is based on the use of various abilities and elements of the environment. Quite quickly our hands fall into even the GLOO Cannon, a futuristic gadget that shoots sticky white substance. It serves not only to fight enemies that can be immobilized by it, sticking to the floor, but also to exploring Talos 1. The gun fired from the device allows you to create a variety of structures, such as stairs to get into places that are not normally available. Another interesting device is similar to the “recycle charger” pomegranate, used to clean items from objects, spread them to smaller parts, and produce new ones, if we have the right plans. In addition, the main character finds in his way neuromody, that is devices that allow copying alien powers – eg by doing this on Mimik, we gain the ability to transform into any object. Among the opponents we encounter various alien beings, including the Mimic, who can take virtually any shape. This means that in the blink of an eye it can begin to pretend, for example, a trash can, so that we can never feel safe and secure during the fun, as the threat can lurk everywhere.

The main character of the game is Domasi Tiendi, a Cherokee Indian who dreams of escaping from the reserve and moving to the city. The beloved young man named Jen is a big obstacle in realizing these plans. The girl does not intend to abandon her current lifestyle and all her energy concentrates on running a small, roadside bar. It is in this shrine that the program begins and here we will play the role of an Indian for the first time. Tommy’s life is turned upside down on a rainy night when, after a fight with motorcyclists, a huge space ship appears on the reserve. Aliens are kidnapped by the man, as well as his grandfather Ennis and Jen. It quickly turns out that the abducted waits a bad fate and the only way to save is to escape. Once liberated by a mysterious member of the resistance movement, the young man stays alone with the bustling enemy ship. Tommy must stand up for the fight and take action to break the beloved from the hands of the perpetrators. While traveling, he will be accompanied by the faithful Falcon Talon and Enisi, who serve as a good counselor on the spiritual aspects of the young man’s life. After just over a dozen minutes of Prey’s game, the first encounters with other representatives of the first-person shooter genre begin. This is mainly about the similarity to Doom 3 and Quake 4, which is heavily influenced by the engine used in all three of the aforementioned productions. It would seem that Human Head Studios members have not been tempted to experiment on this issue. The specific design of the next levels, combining industrial elements in the form of ubiquitous tubes with the futuristic corridors of the spacecraft, illusion resembles both one and two. The image of the whole completes the sense of the rotting world around us. Slippery and dingy walls, moving spikes sticking out of the floor, and other elements make the enemy ship seem to live and react to our actions. Often in Prey we come across rooms that might as well be locations with Doom 3 or Quake 4. For many of you it will be a big flaw. I think that, despite the apparent similarities, the levels are made phenomenally. Especially that soon after the start of the escape, our eyes appear first surprises.

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