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Continuation of the classic puzzle game. The action takes place several hundred years after the events of the first part. Re-use device forming portals connecting the two physically different points in space .. There’s also a lot of news: in the paint influencing gravitation surface, suction tube surfaces. Also introduced co-op mode with completely different levels and the path of the narrative than the solo campaign. Portal 2 is an original production belongs to the genre of puzzle games created by Valve Software studio. The action begins several hundred years after the events of the first part.

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Description of the game

Our activities in the first Portal caused the awakening of tens of core personality. One such SI is Wheatley. Bored with the monotony of Aperture Laboratories decides to get out. For this purpose, raises Chell and proposes a common escape. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, and the duo stumbles upon a sleeping artificial intelligence GLaDOS, which for the sake of science decides to forgive and quickly resumes familiar with the first part of the test. Players are offered a much greater freedom of action than in the first part. Previously locations gave clear what can they make and what not. Now it has been changed. The players can change the properties of spaces and use an advanced physics engine, so that the open portals such work. Attractions. For example, air intake tube is able to pick up through the open portal Sentry. Often we come across on a device emitting a beam of attraction or bridges created with clean energy. Such elements of the environment in conjunction with open portals will be used to solve other problems of logic. Another important novelty is the introduction of gels that can change the surface property. Here again an example Рcrossing the floor covered with orange color accelerates, so that we achieve speeds not available with traditional methods. While the surfaces that paint the blue will operate as a springboard. Another new objects are reflective, so that can be changing the trajectory lasers.

Story of game

If you have not played in the first Portal, play. Otherwise, you can not complain at the lack of understanding of the subject, but certainly numerous allusions to encounter in two. Sequel follows the fate of Chell, consistently not speaking for the entire game girl locked in a big … something. Research center most likely. Since its attempt to escape from the first part apparently passed many years, when suddenly appears Wheatley, mechanical eye with a slightly cowardly personality and a strong British accent. A Chell, who has no intention to Perform investigating its artificial intelligence, takes this opportunity to the next spurt. The story told in the game is consistent and very interesting, although you need to listen to the words coming from the speakers, and also pay attention to numerous details. We are located in the center of Aperture Science, existing in the same universe as Black Mesa, which is a laboratory with a series of Half-Life. Black Mesa focused more on teleportation, Aperture focused on portals, or bending mathematical reality. By the way, the center got under the administration of a woman named GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence that really wants to understand people and that is why killing them in the next room test, convincing themselves visually, how much we are imperfect. This SI game indeed much more important role than in the previous section, but here I’ll stay, so as not to spoil anyone play. How it actually play?

Almost the same as before: almost from the first moment again we put a portal on the wall, the other on the ceiling, we enter this first, and then we fly we put it on the floor, creating in this way indefinitely in practice. But this type of innocent fun soon disappear quite specific logical puzzles, this time with more elements. The authors member with a quite correctly, that firstly rather have sterile levels of the test, and secondly how many can be placed puzzles with pick-up for acceleration, and then erecting real wall to fly out of it at the appropriate speed. This time we have so many modifiers: the first known ones generators balls replaced the lasers, which can bend special boxes with a lens. There is also light tunnels, which move in a given direction independent of gravity, as well as energy bridges that placed vertically are the ideal way to protect against fire silly as always white watch towers. The real hit, however, are gels in three varieties: Blue allows reflecting a greater height, orange speeds, and white can always put portals. Thus, usually we expected of us splashing certain area, and then perform a series of jumps. The puzzles are not difficult, although sometimes it happens jam for a few minutes – mainly by the fact that some of them solved observant, not thinking at five sites forward. Somewhere far away looms the white wall, and that’s where we have to get to get to the next level – and this is quite a lot, single ends in 6 to 7 hours.

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