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Planet Coaster is another launch of a strategic and economic game focused on building and managing an amusement park. Referring to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, players are offered the opportunity to build crazy mountain races and other attractions with which we try to attract more visitors. An undoubted attraction is the option of tracking individual customers, as well as the need to meet their needs and whims. A player can look at his investment at any time and modify it for the money earned so that he or she gets the most out of the tastes. Planet Coaster is a strategic and economic game in which the main task of the player is to create an amusement park and properly manage the created investment.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

Frontier Developments studio – the authors of the famous RollerCoaster Tycoon series and elite games. The gameplay focuses on the creation of modern mountain railways, while the other attractions play a secondary role. During design, the player is free to choose the theme of the entire place and how the lines appear. The decision on the amount of crazy turns or even their heights also belongs only to the player. The built-in works can be viewed freely by using a 3D camera and on this basis, make possible modifications to the entire structure. The player must also take care of the financial aspect of the investment made. By managing the ticket prices in particular zones, he seeks to raise additional funds that will allow him to expand the venture. The whole process is so complex that visitors to the park have their cravings – in order to maximize their profits and not lose their trust, they have to take care of their needs and satisfaction constantly.

Story of game

Do not be fooled by the title, Planet Coaster is actually a new RollerCoaster Tycoon with a renamed name. The newest producers are producers of the original series, who do not have the right to brand, but still know how to change the almost thirty-year-old man in a kid who is building his own park with face-to-face bites. Planet Coaster is an economic game in which we create our own theme park. We have three modes: scenarios, challenges and sandboxes. In this first we get a working park with attractions and scenery and we have to meet certain goals. The other two are random drives, except that in the challenges we have limited cash and we can realize the tasks required by the game. In the sandbox we just create, let go of fantasy and forget about any limits. However, I have to admit that the first few hours I was looking for differences between the new part and the previous one. Fun is like RollerCoaster Tycoon trilogy, although of course it is more pleasing to the eye. There are not too many modern graphical waterfalls here, but we do not need anything in them. The tycoons have always counted above all the multitude of choices that build up and good balance, and these are fortunately not missing. Fun, as in the past, consists in placing more booths with food and drink, attractions and of course mountain railways. We employ staff, do a few guests to find out what they think about our work, set prices, buy advertising campaigns. The veterans of the series will not be surprised by any of the elements, it’s a classic classic, but even this one needs to be well-designed. The creators happily did not quarrel, and though at times I had a strong impression déjà vu, Planet Coaster not only copies the solution from its predecessors.

News comes out when we start building. Moment I was accustomed to the system of construction of mountain queues, but finally I have to admit that it is convenient and very rich in possibilities. It is possible to create really fancy constructions here … which of course needs to be constantly improved so that guests are quite brave for the ride. Unfortunately, as usual in the series, these most choppy queues are often useless because nobody wants to use them. But hey, at least they look nice on our map! While the construction of queues in general is nothing new, Planet Coaster gives us far more and more. The main thing – we can do real wonders here with the construction of the scenery. Even a beverage booth or cash dispenser can be modeled in any way and then available at Steam Workshop. The new game fully supports the creation and exchange of fashion, so that the day after the official premiere are thousands of them. Download the network with a couple of clicks we can whole parks, single elements of the scenery, ready queues, toilets and so on. It’s not just a heap of extra fun, but also a way to circumvent licenses. Do you want ships from Star Wars in the park? Please, the right fashions are already there, and the Frontier studio did not have to sign a deal with Disney. Thanks to this solution, for many fans of the genre, Planet Coaster can become the “ultimate Tycoon”, which will give them a good few years of fun while constantly producing them something new. Unfortunately not everyone will come out of this world wonders happy. If you want to build yourself, express your creativity and watch the beautiful digital dioramas created by you, you will be delighted. With sparkles in your eyes you will be setting up another crazy, twisted queue, set up special effects in the park and build the towns of the Wild West or Japanese pagodas. However, if you are looking for challenges and economic depth, then this is not the right address. Personally, I do not treat this as a flaw, but if you expect this kind of fun after the game, think about buying Planet Coaster again. Here your ambition as the head of an amusement park is simply not fully realized – it’s more a tool for giving away your fantasy than a realistic simulator of managing a similar object.

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PC Downloaden Game

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