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Pillars of Eternity is a cRPG game created by Obsidian Entertainment. The player directs the hero’s actions, which, along with the attached independent characters, travels through a vast, fantastic world. Production was founded with the financial support of a community centered around the Kickstarter platform. Makers of the Baldur’s Gate series, Icewind Dale and Fallout. Pillars of Eternity is the first fully independent production of Obsidian Entertainment. Developers decided to use the experience gained at Black Isle Studios and prepare a cRPG game combining the best features of such classics as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment and Fallout.


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Description of the game

The work on the project was attended, among others. Tim Cain, Josh Sawyer, Scott Everts, Brian Menze and Dan Spitzley. Pillars of Eternity is set in a vast fantasy world inhabited by representatives of many different races and many different denominations. Interestingly, despite the strongly-focused fantasy themes in the game, there was no lack of firearms used by the team and enemies in the fighting. The game world consists of a total of several dozens of very diverse locations. These include forest areas, extensive dungeons, or ancient ruins, where the team faces many dangers. We also spend a lot of time exploring the city’s It consists of several large districts of the Bay of Mutiny. During the wandering, the main character encounters many independent characters who can assign him tasks to perform, and in some cases also join his team. The game is very arbitrary in choosing our path – we decide whether we want to diplomatically convince the opponent in conversation, secretly sneeze or openly attack.

Story of game

Pillars of Eternity is also a “cryptic interaction” – moments away from standard solutions such as fighting and dialogue, bringing us to a separate screen with an outline of the situation and a variety of options to choose from. The gameplay is based on classic cRPG solutions. The creators have chosen to use a real-time combat system with an active pause option, which allows players to stop the passage of time to accurately plan actions taken by team members. There was also a system of character development based on the experience acquired during the game, as well as a large assortment of weapons, armor and items that can be purchased, found or gained. The unique element of Pillars of Eternity is the ability to manage your own fortress, which we reach for the first time after spending a few hours playing. We can primarily deal with the complex repair of the fortress, thus increasing its defensive capabilities or increasing its prestige. As the fortress grows, new quests are available and new tradesmen appear in it. There are also a number of additional events involved – we can send captured enemies to the dungeon, receive missions or send their subordinates to small missions. Project Eternity’s visual reference refers to the classics of the genre. The on-screen events are shown in an isometric view typical of the late twentieth and twentieth century cRPG games. This title against the background of classic RPGs, however, stands out with a number of additional graphic effects, including. Fire or accompanying spell casting.

A large dose of my impressions, already rubbing against the review, could read a few days ago. However, I had to spend a little more time with this game to be able to fully appreciate it. Sleeping with the impression, carry out some additional tests on saved states of the game. And it was the right decision because I hit some mistakes during the game, which never really spoiled me completely, but they could affect her comfort. Many of them were fortunately eliminated in the patch that appeared a few days ago, but nevertheless, Pillars of Eternity does not deserve the maximum rating. Although it was very close. The gameplay was prepared according to an old, proven and probably the best recipe in which the first violin plays two elements – the story and the fight. Obviously, Pillarsy is a much richer game, but these two components, selected here and mixed in almost masterly proportions, are the real game power. The story told by Obsidian has a very serious character and a large gravity. This is no doubt a trivial story about saving the world, much more here delving into the meanders of the human mind and slowly discovering some motivation. The idea of ​​creating a story is a bit like a combination of Torment and Baldur – a hero is placed in a situation that he does not understand, although from the beginning he begins to feel the effects of action forces. As the plot progresses, we slowly start to make further replies. The stories of our comrades play an important role as a complement to the main story. Although we do not always perceive all dependencies at once, they are related to the story and usually constitute a contextual supplement. It’s a pity, too, that there was not a single character like Morte here, someone who would stand out clearly against the rest of the team.

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