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Outlast is a survival horror game that combines elements of adventure and action games. We play as a young journalist who needs to get out of the possessed by psychopaths research center. Fun is mainly on avoiding direct confrontation with the enemy. Outlast is a first-person survival horror. This is the debut project of Red Barrels, founded by people who have worked on such series as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Uncharted. The action takes place in the United States. The plot tells the story of a mental institution, located in the state of Colorado. For years, the building was abandoned, but recently bought it Murkoff Corporation, which opened here a research center.


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Description of the game

The Outlast takes on the journalist by the name of Miles Upshur, who gets a tip that the plant strange things happen. To discover the truth, he breaks it to the resort and soon discovers that spot checks are not only banned medical experiments, but also blasphemous rituals. Unarmed, equipped only with a camera and a few spare batteries, Miles enters a building that greets him with bloody scenes of the recent massacre. Someone – or something – is killing residents and staff the center, and the only living witnesses of these horrific crimes are too much disturbed to serve any help. Outlast draws on the work of Clive Barker and aesthetics of gore. It’s full of brutality, blood, guts, severed limbs and severely mutilated bodies, however, the authors managed to avoid exaggeration of these elements. Much of the credit left to the imagination of players – the creators often use unsaid, exacerbated by carefully selected sound effects and graphics dark. The game is shown with a first-person perspective. The title combines the typical sightseeing locations and solving puzzles with elements of skill. Action sequences come down mainly to flee and hide from enemies and in the interest of the player is to avoid direct confrontation. Enemies are not only ruthless, but also quite intelligent and experience meet with even one of them requires a lot of smarts. Puzzles and logical tasks posed before the player rely mainly on finding switches and valves, and sometimes keys or magnetic card access door.

Story of game

Outlast already before the premiere began to be seen as a must for fans of horror films. From the stand team Red Barrels seeded at E3 they were coming reportedly screaming and a loud call to God, what game developers just enjoyed – because it was the best proof that kilkunastominutowy fragment Outlast with which they gave to familiarize the players on the US markets, achieved the desired effect . It was also a good omen for the title, but on the other hand, it is hard to lift the baggage of expectations. The debut production of Canadian studies is, however, up to the task, turning us into a razor-producing stocks adrenaline. The action takes place in a closed years ago, almost forgotten by the world psychiatric institution – you have to admit that it is hard for a better location for a horror movie. You can certainly say that the creators have gone the easy way, but at least on this issue I’m going to judge them only for effect, and this is staggering. The main character Outlast, independent journalist Miles Upshur, receives a tip that the plant make a terrible thing. Facility recently had to take over the company with the industry, “research and charity”, Murkoff Corporation. As you might imagine, some research in the building are carried out, and the charity they do not have much in common. About this, our inquisitive journalist has made sure that the hard way. Already after the first few minutes spent in a mental institution for Objective 1 Upshur becomes his leave. View deranged and disfigured people circulating around the resort, and even the memory of it, causes goose-bumps. On the downside, not all “patients” are locked in their own world, some of insanity are not only in the eyes – that’s what they want us to hunt down and tear. During our trip we meet, however, and those individuals who, although to some extent they want to help us. Still, anyone who is not bloody on the floor, we treat with a great deal of distrust and uncertainty. This voltage in Outlaście for the ubiquitous and relentless.

The game’s story begins very promisingly, but with time becomes more and more features, stamped stories. Especially the last phase leaves a lot to be desired. Team Red Barrels is not exerted on creative, original explanation of Salo in some abandoned psychiatric hospital. We even feel that somewhere already heard such a story. The same ending also is in no way satisfactory, but it leads to a deeper reflection on what actually constitutes a real threat. I find it difficult to assess whether it is purposeful creators of the game, or just over-interpretation, nevertheless, one can see the sense of supersonic. To outlast the authors have in turn regret about the lack of an epilogue, which otherwise interesting story about an institution for the mentally ill simply deserved. The strongest point of the game is exactly what should be its greatest asset – the ability to induce fear. Besides, the team of Red Barrels launches us some really, really strong scenes straight from good horror film. In order not to reveal too much limit myself to saying that the pools of blood or gore written on the walls of a dramatic cry for help is one of the nicest views that stagnation in Outlaście. All around is full of body guards and former employees of the plant. The game also has a wide repertoire of effects for checking the strength of your heart – usually it comes down to it, however, that someone or something you least expect it suddenly appears on the screen, increasing our heart rate to a level far removed from typical. Throughout this constant panic and fear of what the moment may be, we must not forget that Outlast is not only horror but also the game. With this element of their identity production of Red Barrels comply worse – gameplayowo is simply poor. Not much has the stealth with which elements great fit with this type of mechanics, where the fight with the enemy, and more specifically speaking beat it with some object or his physical strength is excluded. There is also no logic puzzles that are sure to urozmaiciłyby journey through the next rooms and corridors of this evil and fear permeated the place.

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