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Automobile mechanic simulator. The game moves us to Finland, where we can build our own car and then see how it goes on the off-road of this country. My Summer Car is a very unusual independent production that focuses on building your own car as well as on the survival elements. The game was created by one person, hiding under the nickname Amistech, and appeared on the Windows PC platform. The title is a representative of the simulation genre and emphasizes realism and real world imagery while maintaining a light, humorous atmosphere.


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Description of the game

We play a motoring fan who, during the beautiful Finnish summer of the last decade of the twentieth century, is modernizing his old sports car. The game world is open and does not impose anything on the player, allowing him to decide what and when he is doing. One indication of progress in the game is how our car changes. Besides working as a mechanic, we can also sit behind the wheel of our car and take a ride in the woods. However, it is worth remembering that the brave ride can end in a fatal accident – the game is quite difficult, and death means the need to start the game from the beginning. Right after the start of the game we get to the Finnish Outback – only us, our home and the car that needs our attention. We also have a van that allows us to travel around the world before our car is ready for work. It also allows you to carry shopping, including food and drink necessary to survive the next days. Better tuning parts can be found in the catalog and ordered by post, however, it involves the need to make money by doing simple work for the local residents. Nearly autistic level of car build-up in My Summer Car forces players, for example, to use a suitable wrench to unscrew the screw in the engine.

Story of game

Finland is associated with many things – saunas, ski jumps, Nokia and Angry Birds. Not necessarily with warm summers and cars. Not quite right, because the Finns are undoubtedly the smallest of the automotive, as can be witnessed by the number of rally and world championships in the country. Such names as Juha Kankkunen, Ari Vatanen, Tommi Mäkinen, Mika Häkkinen and Marcus Grönholm have long been recognized in the history of motor sport. In the Top Gear program, a funny joke is that the Finns have a natural instinct to drive a car through poor roads and weekend races for FOG Racing amateurs who can take anyone – without investing in a vehicle or looking for sponsors. This is the world of Finnish, provincial automotive with rusty start to try to bring us the creators of the game My Summer Car. However, if you anticipated idyllic climates, drinking beer and humor, then you will be disappointed. My Summer Car is the first hardcore survival simulator and, secondly, a complicated and quite realistic jigsaw puzzle that requires you to put your car and the screws together! Let’s add a little space and empty sandbox, no navigation or any hint at all, and the permadeath that lurks over us for the smallest reason, and we’ll get a real groundhog day. After each death in My Summer Car we have to keep starting over from the beginning, learning to over time fold the engine with closed eyes and have proper respect for the raw Finnish landscape. We’ll also soon discover why we can drink so much beer and we have a few swipe buttons – you just have to give yourself some frustration and impatience and sit down in front of a strange film on a TV set with a beer bunker, forgiving yourself the search for the right key to screw the shock absorbers. My Summer Car is a road through the torment, but when we look at the rusty body finally stands on wheels and starts to change into a car – another bottle of hop is like a toast of victory, with more satisfaction than after going through many “difficult” games. Here is an example of a groundhog day at My Summer Car.

Mlehh, this hideous accommodation. I quickly found a garage filled with car parts, undoubtedly matching the backyard bodywork. Luckily, some of them were categorically grouped – engine fragments on shelves, suspension in the corner of the floor. I took the front axle, quickly realizing that each screw needed another key of the right size. The lack of patterns, hints and, above all, proper knowledge made the stocks of food and drink run out before the car hit the front wheels. Using the on-board van, I set out for a shop. After about 10 minutes of fruitless driving on the dirt roads, the car caught on the rough roadside and landed on the tree – death! For some reason I had a great aversion to travel unknown, so I just focused on picking up in the garage. Slowly dusk came as the red body finally stood on all four wheels – a wonderful sight! I turned on the fluorescent light in the garage and started the engine – but it was a higher driving school. The dream will surely bring some ideas. I drank, I dunk, I drank, I sat in the toilet. The food ended many hours ago, but who cares for it – I ate yesterday and the engine took shape. Now the oil pan … death from starvation. In the suspension I no longer have equal, but this time carefully monitor his whims. I break the twisting of the engine and go on an expedition in search of a shop. The road is good, there are no trees, I changed gear to higher to reach the destination faster. The van, however, is not WRC – when she started to sway strangely when it hit the grass, I brake careful on the trees. I’ve thrown a bit, but I’m whole. Unfortunately, the car landed on the bumper in a swamp – all attempts to leave were unsuccessful. I could go to a neighbor after a tractor, but go so much free time? I already prefer death! Suspension – is. Dinner – check! Piwko – check! Toilet – check! Expedition to the store – check! Careful driving – che … Sharp bend and tall van turned to the side … go to the tractor? Where am I at all? Death. I do not want to look at the engine and suspension. I am going straight to the store, in the first gear, every moment getting out and checking the road. It is raining, the sun is shining. Oh, some buildings – I found a service station! Here you can order better tuning parts, rust the car body, set the convergence of the wheels, and above all, drive the exhausted US muscle carem, which I immediately use. Climatic interior, great sound engine – so you can go to the store! Auto is faster than a van, so I have to be careful. I counted the shoulder, so I slowed down and tried to twist around the menacing trees. My speed does not exceed 5 km / h when I hit the stump and … death. At 5 hm / h!

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