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A dark platform game reminiscent of some of the famous Limbo. We play a girl named Six, who was imprisoned in the mysterious resort of The Maw. Our task is to help her get out of this terrible and dangerous place. Little Nightmares is an original platform game created by the independent team Tarsier Studios. Production was announced in 2015, initially under the title Hunger. The project, funded by the Nordic Game Program, was named “Best Independent Game” at gamescom 2016. The game has hit many platforms, including PlayStation 4.


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Description of the game

In Little Nightmares, the player takes on the role of Six – a girl in a yellow raincoat that has been kidnapped by monsters and has been sent to an underwater complex called The Maw. The task awaiting her is to escape from this ghastly place – achieving the goal is not easy, however, because the heroine must face the various dangers inspired by childhood horrors. Little Nightmares on the PC platform brings to mind the production of the cult like Limbo. The action is presented in a side-by-side perspective, and the gameplay is based on jumping across platforms and solving environmental puzzles that require dexterity and logical thinking – thus unlocking the path to the next room, moving towards the exit of the Fairy. The threat to the life of the protagonist is primarily a nightmare, overgrown opponents, such as the scary cook, with whom only a lighter girl can not fight. The player must therefore sneak behind their backs, careful not to make too much noise around themselves – drawing the attention of the opponents may end up for Six tragically. Little Nightmares is characterized by high quality, three-dimensional graphic design. Against the background of other platform games, the title is distinguished by its dark styling and subdued color palette.

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Story of game

Little Nightmares appeared on the occasion of this year’s Gamescom as “this brand new Namco Bandai”, though playing under another title and without a publisher was already in 2014. Dark platformer with puzzles and elements of skradanka took me as little as at the fair. As is known from the announcement two years ago, at Little Nightmares we play a little girl who is trying to get out of the underwater resort so comfortably named The Maw. A place worthy of its unsettling title, because in its sea depths there are unstoppable, grotesque things. This is not a boardinghouse for little girls. Ba, this is not a guest house for anyone. Feel it from the first moment of demos made available at the fair – our tiny protagonist squeezes through the hole in the wall and lands in the bedroom. The center of the room latches a group of equally small pieces and disappears under one of the beds. We start the fun. The first thing that catches your eye is of course the extremely atmospheric and detailed luminaire that you can admire on every piece of the game. Little Nigtmares from the beginning has such a dense atmosphere that it can be cut with a knife and spread on the buns baked in the Rapture. It may sound strange, but everything, every duperel, seems solidly embedded in the world of representation, almost tangible, though we will interact only with a few selected elements of the environment. If we want, we will pop out of the drawers and jump from the cupboard to the shelf above the bed, then make a soft landing in the bedclothes. Most probably, however, will immediately move the suitcase under the door, hang on the handle, and in the light of the match flame will go out into the darkened corridor. Some will be delighted as the girl’s steps sound on the floor and neatly muffled by the rug. Others bow before the light effects. Everyone, most likely, will immediately sink into the detailed world of the Pasha.

Not the first time we heard about Little Nightmares. Previously the game was known under the title Hunger and we have received a large portion of promising-looking gameplay. You can sum it up briefly – it will be a good horror movie. About Hunger said it would be an adventure game in 3D with a third person perspective. The main character is a 9-year-old girl named Six, who is trying to get out of a scary, underwater resort. So the beginning of this project from the creators of LittleBigPlanet officially goes to 2014. Then Hunger was about to hit PC and PS4, but it’s unknown how the case looks like for the moment. We have to wait for the German fair. Today, Bandai Namco announced the collaboration with Swedish studio Tarsier at Little Nightmares and revealed that the title will appear at this year’s gamescom and we will also know more details. Disturbing music and beautiful but dark styling make me personally very, very, very intrigued, which also happens with Little Nightmares will be born. So far, it seems to be a really cool production not just in terms of art.

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