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Continuation of shooting with an extensive co-op for four people. More weapons, campaigns and modes of play, and this enhanced AI Director, responsible for changing weather conditions, system maps and direction of flow of enemies. Left 4 Dead 2 is a continuation of a great hit 2008, where impersonating one of four adventurers undertook to fight a horde of zombies. Two continues these events, presenting portraits of new characters. The work was of course developed by Valve South. Storyline Left 4 Dead 2 is set shortly after the events of one. Together with new survivors try to survive the attack of zombies in the south-eastern US states. We visit not only the beautiful areas of Georgia, but also the French Quarter of New Orleans.


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Description of the game

One of the biggest innovations to the ones is to provide players with different types of weapons to fight in close quarters. Enemies get rid therefore not only with rifles and pistols, but also thanks to, among others, chainsaw, frying pan, ax and baseball bat. This fact adds an intense gameplay mechanics, introducing many new solutions team fighting for survival. In Left 4 Dead 2 use was also a new version of the AI ​​Director, responsible system in the first part, among others, for the selection of the influx of new enemies, the place of their appearance, etc. Thanks to each game a bit different. In the second installment of the authors of the South Valve they decided to go even further. AI Director 2.0 allows not only for the implementation of the changing weather conditions, but also affect the shape of the map. Well, during replay some passages can be blocked, which forces players to use other transitions. In Left 4 Dead 2 takes on one of four new characters and take the fight against zombiakami and other undead. The extermination of incoming cannon fodder pomogają us previously unavailable weapons, including the already mentioned measures to fight in close quarters, as well as special items.

Story of game

During the campaign, we often perform a variety of simple tasks diversifying gameplay. Here and there, to be able to move on, you have to move the platform covering the escape, the mall you have to collect cans of fuel and fill the tank car exhibition, to be able to escape from the infested infested temple of consumerism, and the amusement park we play a rollercoaster. These are just some of the tasks that await us and although their performance is reduced to a key press, usually after this action there is another horde, which is not the nicest view in the game. Especially when our standard of living drastically nearing zero, and neither we nor our comrades do not have on hand a first aid kit or even painkillers. Or worse, we ended up ammunition. And then what we have to do with a new arsenal zaserwowanym by the authors, in the form of unseen in the previous section models of rifles, guns, explosive cartridges causing arson victims or major damage setpoint grenade launcher? Just use one of melee weapons you can carry a gun instead of a legacy of an unlimited supply of bullets in the magazine. Ax? Crowbar? Chainsaw? Guitar? Or a frying pan? These are all new toys that are great to exercise in the fight for the smallest distance and in crisis situations, such as the one described above. The plague is harvesting addition to the new tools of crime emerged as new opponents. Though still most of the time fighting with common infected, this time among the rabble were special units, such as clowns that his presence attracts hungry our place zombies, or infected police officers in full protective uniform, to overcome that you have to spend a little bit more lead than usual.

Some beasts are also frantically fast wore special suits to protect them from fire. This is nothing but the special infected, called mutants. To the Hall of Fame with the first part joined by three new individuals. Jockey can jump us to ram and bring in a dangerous place, Charger charges forward straight in our direction, and when they get us, it even begins us to throw on the ground, while the Spitter vomits acid, with which contact leads to a rapid decrease in the health and prolonged contact even death. Was modified in the worst character in the game – witch. From now on, not just sitting in one place and silently fails his sad and frightening song, but it can also move around the board, making it easier to fall into the eye, which instead of a romantic date – ends in a bloody massacre of fruwającymi guts culprit. Left 4 Dead 2 is a title much more demanding than its predecessor. Even during the campaign that can be played with bots on Normal, the game can give you a hard time, as in the first L4D was unthinkable. Note that the following is just an easy level and above is even harder. And if someone hardest level was not enough, you can always play in the mode of realism, in which ammunition and first aid kits are very limited, and our comrades are not marked characteristic glow for easy to find them in the jungle densely ścielącego a corpse. Real ride no hands. Mood experience can also choose survival, which should be adopted on the chest another horde of infected and stay as long as possible on your feet. For those who like to wrestle Team, once again we are given over to counterattack – here facing each other are teams of survivors and special infected – and a new mode seeker, which is a variation of attacking. Also here to fight are two different teams, of which the survivors must collect scattered around canisters and refuel the vehicle, while the opposing team composed of mutants have them in how best to interfere. To have come to time constraints, making the gameplay in this mode, the even level of both teams, it provides a solid injection of excitement.

Left 4 Dead 2 Game full version

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