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A simulator in which we have to build a rocket and then send it to a space travel. The extensive editor allows you to create dozens of different ships with parts of different properties, and then see if they will pass an exam in action. The game itself uses a faithful flight model based on physics. The Kerbal Space Program is an untypical, multifaceted production in which we develop our own space program. The game was created by studio Squad, consisting of several people led by Felipe Falanghe, also known as HarvesteR.


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Description of the game

In the Kerbal Space Program the player has a rather complicated task: to develop his own space program. At the beginning of the fun you should build a ship from many different parts. Each of them performs some function and influences the operation of the machine. The vehicle must safely lift the crew into orbit and then travel in space. Mission ends with exceptionally difficult landing. In a basic, open gameplay mode, a player can try experimenting with the ship’s settings and checking the effects. The Kerbal Space Program also includes another form of fun: a set of missionary missions that make up the campaign. Here we rent and train astronauts, conduct research, build space stations and bases and visit dozens of planets or moons. The Kerbal Space Program won the interest of the fans due to its several characteristics. First of all, the ship editor is extensive and demanding – with its help you can create hundreds of shuttles. The game also uses a simulation model based on physics. This solution guarantees realistic situations and accidents, especially since the player must monitor factors such as fuel level or temperature. In addition, Kerbal creates terrains in a procedural manner, is open to fan modifications, and contains many other interesting additions.

Story of game

In the game we manage a space program taken by a race of small, green, humanoid people called Kerbalas. They live on the planet Kerbin that reminds us of Earth. Gameplay can be divided into two main parts: construction and flight. We can build rockets, jeeps, spacecraft and other vehicles with available components here. The options generally are quite a lot and there is nothing to prevent – for example – the construction of machines known from reality. Then we try to fire them, what could happen if we did not make any mistakes on the way, such as missing a construction defect or lack of fuel. After building a vehicle, the game faces many challenges. It may be a heightened height, an atmosphere, an orbit, landing on a moon or alien planet, intercepting an asteroid, or building a base on another planet. During the flight we take control of the machine and direct it in principle without any special ‘helpers’. You can activate the “map mode” mode, which shows the trajectory of both our vehicle and other vehicles and the rest of the objects. The game offers three variants of the game: Sandbox, Science and Career. In Sandbox we can do any task, construct what we want, without any consequences. In science our possibilities are initially limited. We do not have much of a part, and we gain another by conducting research on Kerbin and the rest of the solar system. This mode is especially designed for players who feel the need to implement gameplay. Career is in turn developing a kind of Science. There are also funds, reputation and contracts.

Building a rocket and going into space seems like a simple task. But this is only a pretense. The Kerbal Space Program proves that patience is a virtue, and gaining a goal at all costs gives a lot of satisfaction. Let’s see how typical PC game is on PlayStation 4. The first time I heard about the Kerbal Space Program, it seemed to me that building a vehicle to climb into space was a simple thing. Just connect some parts like engine, cockpit or some ballast, and ready – you can fly into space. Nothing more wrong. The production of the Flying Tiger Entertainment studio requires a lot of knowledge. Although the game did not engineer me in the field of aeronautics, it gave me an idea how difficult it was to construct such a vehicle, to set out for Earth’s orbit and, most importantly, return to Earth. Just after turning on the game I started a series of tutorials to get a general idea of ​​what and how to do it. He greeted me with a sympathetic greenish folk who explained what parts to pick at the beginning and to connect with each other to build the simplest space rocket. Handled, I was proud of my first work. However, at this stage, I noticed a couple of factors that absolutely should not occur in any game. The first one is an illegible font. Since you have to read the description of each part to know what it is and what it is used for, it is terribly tiring to constantly tear the butt off the seat and read the nose on the TV. Another thing is control. You can see a great adaptation of the game to computers, because assembling a vehicle requires the use of keyboard shortcuts, and without them you have to waste time and nerves maneuvering the cursor on the screen to, for example, reverse the desired item. This is terribly annoying. There are also moments where connecting the successive elements of the rocket is terribly imprecise. Sometimes I lost five minutes to manipulate the engine, because I did not want to connect the relevant page with the previous element. I do not know why, but after turning the camera and placing the engine in the same way as before, it finally succeeded.

Kerbal Space Program Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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