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Just Cause 3 is the third installment in the series of action games sandboksowych overlooking TPP from the studio Avalanche. As before, we take on the agent Rico Rodriguez, who this time struggling with dictatorial governments in the Mediterranean. Once again we were put at our disposal a vast world, after which we move through various vehicles. The game focuses on a dynamic and spectacular action, which involved taking substantial range of sophisticated weapons and gadgets. Just Cause 3 is the third game in a recognized series sandbox action.


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Description of the game

As before, we have to deal with the work of the Swedish team Avalanche Studios, responsible, among others for playing Mad Max and Renegade Ops. Just Cause 3 on PC is practically the same game as on other hardware platforms, and most of the difference comes down to the question of graphic design. Because of the capabilities of PCs, the title on maximum settings presents the best of all versions, but in order to enjoy all the effects of a strong need for a computer with at least an Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz processor, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 and 8 GB of RAM. In Just Cause 3 on Windows PC once again takes on the Rico Rodriguez, now former, secret agent working for the CIA special cell, known as the Agency. This time the hero goes in the Mediterranean region, native to the republic Medici, which is suffering under the brutal dictator Di Ravello. Our task is to bring down a dictator.

Story of game

Just Cause 3 is action game in which the game does not differ from that with which we have seen in previous series – all focused on the dynamic and spectacular action. Rico does not belong to the agents, who appreciate discretion – the path of the hero mean piles of corpses, explosions and destroyed buildings. The protagonist turns into ashes achievements dictator unleashing hell in his centers of power – military bases, harbors, prisons or police stations. The sowing destruction helping his rich arsenal, including both lesser firearms, and Anti-Tank, air strikes etc. The exploration awaits island with an area of ​​over 400 square miles, offering a range of different settings and very high freedom of movement – we can study both the bottom of the surrounding sea and peaks rising above it the mountains. We use to travel a lot both traditional vehicles, and gadgets agent, including for example.

Characteristic Wingsuit for gliding and a special cable with a hook. As usual, the world is filled with niezobowiązującymi activities of secondary and poukrywanymi “znajdźkami.” Just Cause 3 for Windows PC is a production intended for loners, because it does not find any form of multiplayer. During solitary play, we can not compare our achievements with other players through a special network rankings. The title is the first game of the series, which was prepared with the aim of eighth-generation consoles and PC, so in graphic design, you can see a major improvement in terms of “two”. World Just Cause 3 on the PC platform with Windows is a powerful and full of detail, and additional attraction is the spectacular special effects. Just Cause 3 was released in two versions – basic and collector. In the second of these is a game editing D1, map Medici, 32-page artbook and a nearly 40-centimeter replica of a rope with a hook.

Just Cause 3 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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