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A representative of the metroidvania species, in which the player visits the deep undergrounds extending beneath Dirtmouth. The gameplay pattern is not different from the gameplay characteristics, so it is based on exploration, gaining new abilities and collecting equipment, and avoiding dangerous traps and encounters with opponents. Hollow Knight is a metroidvania game developed by the independent studio Team Cherry. This title was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. Although the production was announced, for example, the Nintendo Wii U, it finally appeared on personal computers and new equipment giant Nintendo, Nintendo Switch.


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Description of the game

The Hollow Knight on the Windows PC platform brings the player to a fantastic world, exactly to the Dirtmouth area, where deep undergrounds stretch. This labyrinth is remnants of a mysterious, ancient kingdom that attracts adventurers – after crossing its thresholds, daredevils are lost without news. The main character of the game, or the title of the Hollow Knight, decides to face the challenge – on the spot are to wait for him riches, glory, and answers to numerous, swirling questions in his head. The Hollow Knight action is presented in a side perspective. The gameplay is based on exploration of the abyss, connected locations, collect more and more powerful equipment, develop skills and fight against opponents. Due to the specificity of the species represented by the title here described, gaining access to many places requires solving a riddle or using a specific object or ability. Although most of the time we sow on foot, during the fun also come to us to mount an unusual mount in the form of overgrown insect.

Story of game

On our way are many and varied adversaries. In addition to standard opponents, more than thirty bosses are waiting to be defeated – confronting them with knowledge of their behavior patterns and discovering weaknesses. We use both white and magical powers in battles. However, there are no endangered players in danger – the underground is swarmed with all sorts of traps and the abyss through which inadvertent adventurer can quickly say goodbye to life. Fortunately, not everyone is hostile to the protagonist – in the course of adventures we encounter colorful characters who will be willing to share their knowledge or possessions, as well as learn new combat techniques and improve our equipment. The Hollow Knight on Windows PC platform is based on Unity technology. The production is eye-catching, hand-drawn, two-dimensional graphic design, in terms of performance that brings to mind classic animated films. The play is accompanied by the imaginative soundtrack by Christopher Larkin, which intensifies the atmosphere of great adventure. I must admit that the Hollow Knight did not immediately fall into my favor. The first few dozen minutes of the game was something like learning the enemy territory. I was still moving in the same locations, falling into the abyss, dying and wandering. Every time I go back to the bench, which works as a checkpoint in a Team Cherry studio. This was due to the fact that the review title was characterized by an open world, and the gameplay was presented in two dimensions. Already after a short introduction I discovered that I could follow one of several pages. Regardless of the path I chose, I encountered standard enemies whose defeats were not a big deal, but beside them I had to face the enemy killing my hero with a short series of blows.

If not for the need to write reviews, maybe I would say goodbye to the Hollow Knight. That did not happen, so I got lost again in the twin locations until the breakthrough came – I found a dealer who offered me a map! A compass was also available in his portfolio, stating that possession was highly recommended. So I spent a dozen minutes in the farm to buy the necessary items for the rest of the game, and it turned out that at that moment the world was in front of me. While looking at the map I did not know where exactly my character was, but at least I knew the layout of the rooms, the merchants or the benches mentioned by me. Hollow Knight very quickly showed where my place is in line, because after reaching another new place I found that I do not have a map for this area. Finding it has caused me a lot of trouble. It involved repeatedly repeating the same gameplay and memorizing both enemy locations and platform layout. Before I got there I managed to beat a boss who was not too demanding, as opposed to the first “boss” he was on my way. This gave me a good bone and – as I later convinced – completely unnecessary. After the win, I noticed that I was not able to move on because I do not have the right item, or my character does not have the skill to climb the wall. I acquired this capacity over time. And then another, and one more, and another one. So I could bounce off the walls, make double jumps, use the charge, and even swim in acid. In this respect, the Hollow Knight reminded me of Salt and Sanctuary, where we were given new opportunities at the next stages of the game to explore the site in an inaccessible way. But this is not the end, because my hero also developed in another direction – he could overcome enemies not only in melee combat, but also using spells. However, this involves a very interesting mechanics of the gameplay.

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