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A first-person thriller combining elements of FPS shooting and exploration aspects of the adventure game. During the game we are constantly accompanied by a disturbing atmosphere of horror. The game itself is based on exploration of subsequent locations, created using photogrammetry technology, and on occasional combat sequences where we use modern combat equipment to eliminate our opponents. Get Even is a first-person shooter PC game that combines shooting elements, exploration, adventure and psychological horror. Although this title allows players to roll in the shooter’s convention, much more emphasis is placed on the discovery of complex, complex storyline.


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Description of the game

For the first time in Get Even, we had the opportunity to hear in 2013 and 2014, when The Farm 51 in Gliwice announced their new game – a shooter with photorealistic graphics, obtained by real-world object and location scan technology. The trailer was accompanied by an enthusiastically received trailer, composed of both acting and computer graphics. The game was originally supposed to be released in 2015 and brought with it a new quality in the shooting genre. The release date was postponed, however, and in 2015, The Farm 51 announced that Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe would be the publisher of Get Even. A year later, the material showed that the shooting element was slightly marginalized, and playing, though still technically FPS, has more to do with horror and adventure games. In Get Even, the player takes on a man named Cole Black – a private detective and ruthless mercenary. One day Black wakes up in an old, devastated psychiatric hospital.

Story of game

His memory is like a blank card – the only thing he can remember is an unsuccessful attempt to rescue a young girl whose breast is attached to an explosive charge. In order to regain his memory and understand the secrets of his past, Black must embark on a journey into his own mind. This is possible thanks to a helmet-like virtual reality device that can read the user’s memories and allow them to experience them again. Instructed by his kidnapper, mysterious Reda, our hero plunges into the past, trying to separate the truth from the deceptive vision. Black must hurry to solve the mystery of the girl’s death before he himself loses his sense of reality and shares the fate of other Red’s prisoners. Get Even is often categorized as a shooter, but throwing it in one bag with series such as Battlefield and Call of Duty would be a mistake. Production of The Farm 51 has much more to do with adventure games and horror than with the popular FPSs, with a light arm eliminating the entire company of opponents. By playing Get Even, we often encounter moments where the use of weapons is indispensable, but it is much more important in this production to uncover the mysteries of a confused, sometimes psychedelic plot, primarily through careful analysis of dialogues and exploration of interactive environments. During the game our best friend is a smartphone, which is much more than just a modern communication device. The gadget is used almost every step: not only tells us what elements of the environment it is worth to scan for evidence, but also, for example, examines the DNA traces left on the object and searches the personal data of their owner.

It also allows you to find and explore indistinguishable things for the naked eye: thanks to an integrated lamp that illuminates the ultraviolet environment, we can follow in the footsteps, which were completely unrecognizable. Contrary to appearances, the smartphone is useful not only during the detective sequences of the game, it also applies to those moments that make Get Even into the category of first person shooter. The phone is an integral part of the special weapon called CornerGun, which also consists of a pistol and a bendable side platform that allows the gun to be fired from behind the coin without having to be exposed to the bullets. During normal navigation, the smartphone acts as a minimap and, after aiming, allows the observer to observe the infrared environment and easily eliminate targets even in low light conditions. A set of military applications complete the human detection mode, placing opponents on a small map. Released on the PC platform, Windows Get Even uses the Unreal Engine 3 engine from Epic Games. When creating a large-scale visual design, photogrammetry technology is used to scan the actual objects and reproduce them in virtual space. The technique is being developed by The Farm 51 in collaboration with independent experts and research institutes within the Reality 51 project, including issues such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. With the practical application of photogrammetry, players could already meet in titles such as Ethan Carter’s Disappearance or Star Wars: Battlefront. In the field of audio, Gliwice studio game uses Auro-3D technology, designed for the best immersion of the sound fixture.

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PC Downloaden Game

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