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The fourth edition of the series full-fledged post-apocalyptic role-playing games, for which since 2008 corresponds to the company Bethesda. The story takes us back to typical post-apocalyptic reality series, putting primarily on the freedom of the game. In addition to well-known elements of the cycle, has considerably more elaborate crafting system and the ability to pop an organizer, known as PipBoy. Despite the large number of changes in terms of mechanics, interface and luminaires, developers managed to preserve the original atmosphere of the previous parts of the game.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

Fallout 4 on PC is the fourth full-fledged installment of a cult series of post-apocalyptic RPG, initiated in 1997 by studio Black Isle and Interplay company. After closing the original developer studios and a cool party released for the PlayStation 2 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the rights to the brand took over the company in Bethesda, and it is its internal studio responsible for both the third and fourth part of the series. Studio was previously known mainly from The Elder Scrolls series, the most popular edition, Skyrim, released in 2011 on PC-tach and consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title in a version for personal computers offers several improvements relative to the console editions. The game offers the option of playing among other things, in 60 frames per second and a resolution greater than Full HD. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Fallout 4 runs while “only” 30 frames and 1080p. Another important thing is modifications in the PC-towej are distributed almost on the same basis as in the case of Skyrim. Shortly writing, players have virtually complete freedom in making modifications.

Story of game

Fallout 4 The story begins in the suburbs of Boston, US, for a few moments before the tragic consequences of a nuclear blast. During a short introduction we get to know the family hero, and we create our character by making changes to the external appearance and assign skill points. A moment later, followed by the said explosion, after which our protagonist goes to przeciwatomowego shelter No. 111. The action proper begins 200 years later, when we controlled our character comes from the shelter to the surface and begin to fight for survival in a hostile, post-apocalyptic environment. Our main task is to find the other members of the family. Depending on individual preferences, share Fallout 4 in the PC version of Windows, observed from the perspective of primary or tertiary-person, and game mechanics are based largely on the solutions known players of Fallout 3. The game returns, among others, so characteristic elements of the series, as the system attributes S.P.E.C.I.A.L. whether V.A.T.S. targeting system, allowing you to give precise shot in a selected part of the opponent’s body. In the production there is also the opportunity to embrace a dog or join forces with other characters, which in the course of the game we can give simple commands.

The main goal, which made it their creators, but has become an absolute freedom, so it depends on the player as to where to succeed and how its actions affect the further development of the plot. Compared to the previous series of hits, wydatnemu has more elaborate crafting system, allowing, among others, recycling elements of the environment and use them to create completely new objects, and even entire buildings that serve as shelter for the hero and the other survivors. The game is available a few dozen basic types of weapons, each of which can be hundreds of unique modifications. In Fallout 4 returns also improved form known fans of the series organizer called PipBoy, which in addition to the entire management center we will find, among others, also a simple game – of course if we find the wastelands corresponding disks. Fallout 4 in the PC version of Windows has been localized into Polish, which also allowed to play in the original English version, in which the protagonists plants a voice actor Brian T. Delnay known among such as the production of Batman: Arkham Knight and Evolve. On the other hand, if we decide to play a woman with loudspeakers is a voice of Courtney Taylor. In terms of the housing Fallout 4 on the Windows PC platform is based on a modified version of the engine copyright Bethesda and looks better than the previous installment in the series. Despite a number of changes in the mechanics and the game interface, the authors were able to some extent to maintain the unique atmosphere of the series. Fallout 4 lived to collectibles, in addition to the game itself, a special metal boxes, poster and guide to handling PipBoy, also included a replica of that gadget. Some interesting is the fact that one of the fans ordered directly from the developer’s game, paying for it caps. Studio positively has considered this unusual request and promised to provide the player title after its official release.

Fallout 4 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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