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Elex is a RPG embedded in a large, fictional postapocalyptic world in which advanced technology is mixed with magical elements. The developers of the Piranha Bytes studio, responsible for the Gothic series, are responsible for the project. Over the past twenty years, the Piranha Bytes studio has specialized in developing sophisticated RPGs. His debut project was bestseller Gothic, which gave rise to the popular series all over the world. After losing the rights to the brand, another venture of the band was moderately warmly received by Risen, also set in a fantastic universe.


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Description of the game

Despite the fact that in the meantime the team regained the rights to cult Gothica already, she did not decide to create the continuity that fans have been demanding for years. Instead, the company’s next work, Elex, described by THQ Nordic, is moving in a different direction, taking players on a journey to a postapocalyptic world with science fiction elements. The motifs taken from the Famous Nameless’s adventures are clearly visible here, both in the mechanics of the gameplay and in the storyline. The game’s action is set in a dark, postapocalyptic universe where advanced technology and magic coexist. Elex moves players to the planet Magalan, many years before the meteorite struck. The catastrophe led to the destruction of civilization flourishing there; On her ruins a new world was born, populated by descendants of the few survivors. With the meteorite on Magalan, however, something else has arrived – the mysterious element, the title elex.

Story of game

It is used to produce weapons and use magic skills, but its use also has a side effect – its owners slowly lose human senses. Still, the raw materials are constantly fighting. New society Magalan divided into several camps. The strongest of them are the so-called Albans, a fraction of imperialist impulses, who, by abusing the Eleus, have lost their humanity and are guided solely by their own interests. There are three other groups in Albami: the Berserker, the technologically advanced Clerics, and the Banici from the rest of the world. In Elex adventure we start as General Albans, betrayed by his compatriots and left to the fate of fate. The hero happily survives the treachery of companions and wakes up in the Berserker camp, not remembering the events of his past. From then on, the player can direct his fate – traversing the world, performing tasks, and finally, allying himself with the Berserker, the Clerics, or the Banisters. Each side of the conflict has a different idea for the future and is trying to make some plans, and in return for help offers various awards ranging from magic, unconventional weapons to powerful technology.

At the disposal of players developers have given a large, open world that you can freely explore. The only limitation is the level of our hero and the strength of the enemies guarding the transition to certain regions of the postapocalyptic universe. The terrains are very varied – during the fun you can visit among others the dark swamps, deserts, snowy mountains or green forests. Of course, traversing such extensive terrain and wandering between sites in the long run could be tiresome, so the developers introduced a quick teleport travel system. You can also use the jetpack that came with the protagonist’s equipment. During the adventure, players meet many interesting independent characters, having their own opinion about the surrounding world. Some of them can be induced to accompany us on the journey, while at the same time we can travel with only one companion. Of course, as in the Gothic and Risen games, Elex is an important part of fighting. The main character has to face many enemies, including monsters, powerful war machines, bandits, and warriors of enemy factions. The protagonist’s inventory includes both white and firearms, including swords, laser guns and advanced melee toys. There were also various armor and armor. The visual layer released on PC Windows games stands at a decent level. Visited during the fun locations are presented nicely, especially on computers equipped with strong subassemblies. This is due to the well-known Piranha Bytes graphics engine, which has been enhanced for Elex. Production, traditionally, does not include multiplayer, as developers focus solely on single player campaigns.

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PC Downloaden Game

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