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Doom is the fourth edition of shooting FPS studio id Software, which forever changed the face of his species. In contrast to the saturated horror elements of its predecessor, the game puts primarily on fast and dynamic action, referring to the first two series of hits. The hero of the game, however, gained new skills, including effective finishers, which game has become even more brutal. Is complemented by an extensive multiplayer mode with a special tool SnapMap that allows you to design own maps and new game modes. In 1993, the market debut first-person shooter Doom, which forever changed the face of their own species.


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Description of the game

More than two decades later on the PC was released named the same quarter of the full-fledged edition of the cult series, constituting the intention of the creators of a return to the roots of the cycle and its specific reboot. For game creation correspond to the creator of the original Texas-based studio id Software, founded by the true legends of the industry, including John Carmack and John Romero. And although in subsequent years, the gentlemen from the studio id Software created such successful productions as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Rage, the hallmark of the remaining two leading brands: Doom and Quake. The general outline of the story was for years the connecting factor the next part of the Doom series and has not changed significantly in the fourth installment. So we play again in the lone commando, which is sent to a military base and research corporations UAC on Mars. It turns out that the result of the experiments, the researchers inadvertently launched the space-time portal through which to base leaked hordes of terrifying monsters.

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Story of game

Following in the footsteps of enemies, the protagonist travels through different areas on Mars, then to get to hell and face the most powerful demons. Unlike saturated with elements of horror the previous cycle reads, in terms of the mechanics of the fourth version of Doom for PC Windows puts primarily on quick and bloody action, thus coming closer to the first two parts of the series. Fun therefore focuses on the spectacular eliminating hordes of enemies with quite a sizeable arsenal of weapons, which consists largely familiar to fans of Doom types of weapons, such as chainsaw plasma gun or powerful BFG 9000. at the same time the hero has gained new skills, such as double jump, the ability to pull on the edges and – above all – knocking weakened opponents extremely spectacular “finishers”. The developers of id Software have used at the classic health system renewal, regenerated using kits, and well-known of the first series of hits collection points armor. The combination of typical elements of the cycle with a range of new solutions that made the gameplay slightly gained in depth and brutality – the blood of Doom poured hectoliters.

Like the previous games in the Doom series, in addition to the solo campaign “four” in the version of the Windows PC platform offers a dynamic multiplayer mode, and in a more elaborate form than in previous games. Struggles taking place in the six-team gameplay variants and combines typical studio id Software solutions with innovations such as selected before each match predefined sets of weaponry and extensive personalization options avatar. Moreover, one of the key elements of multiplayer fun done runes demon – a special power-up that allows the player to transformation into a powerful demon, able to quickly tilt the scales of victory for your team. In addition, the developer, in order to ensure multiplayerowi in Doom as the greatest potential, prepared editor called Doom SnapMap. It allows each player can independently create new arenas, as well as create entirely new gameplay options – from classic deathmatch after fighting off waves of demons in the co-op. As the game was created from the beginning for the latest PCs and consoles eighth generation of Doom version for PC Windows looks very impressive, making use of specially prepared for the title of the sixth generation of the engine id Tech . In addition, the struggle is accompanied by strong sound audio track, emphasizing climate bloodbath in the dark coating. Of all the hardware platforms on which appeared Doom, it looks best traditional version for personal computers. It has been deprived of a whole range of typical console limitations, offering a wide range of sophisticated graphics settings and options and effects available for owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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PC Downloaden Game