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Day of Infamy is a multiplayer tactical shooter developed for PCs, recreating small WWII infantry battles. The gameplay is realistic and forces close co-operation with teammates to accomplish tasks, while single wolves do not have a better chance of success. Day of Infamy is a Windows-based PC based tactical shooter set in the realm of World War II. Production went out to New World Interactive studios. The project started life as a modest mod to Insurgency, or another item of this team. The reaction to him was so positive that the authors decided to expand it to commercial level by refining it and adding new maps, weapons and gameplay mechanics.


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Description of the game

Developed for PC Windows, Day of Infamy is exclusively for multiplayer games. During the event we watch from the hero’s eyes. Production allows for fighting among others. On the beaches of Sicily, in snow-covered Belgian forests and many other typical areas of conflict. The game was built on the foundation of Insurgency. So we get a hardcore tactical shooter where refinement is more important than planning and good teamwork with teammates. Authors put on realism and often even one bullet is enough for our character to say goodbye to life. The gameplay revolves around specific goals, such as the battle for taking control of the map. Each page has a certain number of so-called. Wave of meals, allowing the killed players to respawn and return to play. The stock of these waves can be renewed by fulfilling the tasks effectively. The game has an interesting chat system – enemies can listen to our conversations as long as they are close enough.

Story of game

Nearly a year ago in the pages of this site I published a review of Insurgency – a good multiplayer shoot. Insurgency had some disadvantages, but I honestly say I’m going back to this game sometimes and always with a big smile on my face. Among other things, thanks to the great fashion of Day of Infamy, where the field of struggle is a second-world scenery. Now Day of Infamy is a full-fledged game currently in the early stages of access. Let’s move on to details – the content for today is several multiplayer modes and two co-op. When you select one of the servers you can join the conflict site and choose specialization. This is of great importance on the battlefield. There are ordinary soldiers, but also engineers, snipers, officers, and a few other classes. Their synergy is not anything imaginary. Officers can call on radio bombers to wear only the appropriate specialists, and when added to the fact that there are limits to the allocation of seats to individual classes it gets interesting – responsibility on some positions is a must. The most interesting are the Offensive and Liberation modes. The other is a three point checkpoint – each team has a certain number of rebounds and only taking control points adds 1 extra wave of rebirth. The idea is very simple, and at the same time great and firmly entwined. Aware that there are no longer any possibilities on both sides, and that there are only a few players left on the battlefield – such actions can actually take the whole evening. Of course, it can be said that it is no news, and ordinary everyday in every multiplayer shooter. Yes, sure, only Day of Infamy on their background stands out for realism and minimalism. Minimalism – HUD is very poor, and on many servers you do not know if you managed to kill someone such as a grenade thrown into the building. Realism? Lack of viewfinder, and when we add to this, the fact that the telescope only has a sniper, and the optical sightings do not meet outside the FG 42 … the game really deviates from the famous top production.

Day of Infamy loses with Insurgency in terms of customization. A bit of self-restriction, but also for real reasons – there were not as many weapons and accessories to them as in modern times, so the choice of equipment is practically equivalent to the choice of character class. In Insurgency there was some more possibilities for combining. What, however, may be saddled, is the lack of more parties to the world conflict. Speaking of the USSR and Japan of course, we would get more maps, more weapons, and it always appeals to the players. For me it is a minus, although not as big as many for example is poor binding. Because what like what, but when we overtake some facts this game is really great. Although many things are cut from the Day of Defeat, it is not that easy. Surely the plus is that the players know what to do, though in all it is not surprising that there are hundreds of them on the servers – at present there are less than those mentioned in DoD. It is easier for people familiar with Insurgency, but it is not a difficult chaff again to adapt. It’s just a shoot’em up game where much more attention is not needed for kicks alone, but action for the team – one good move is to decide the game or even give the team a second chance. This is best seen in modes where one team is defending and the other attacking. This attacking side is worse off not only from the fact of the offensive but also because it has less rebirths. Getting a point gives you more rebirths, and consequently new opportunities and stay in the game. It is in this mode that most need cooperation and quick response. One person from the defending team must return to the collective point of view each time to “resurrect” the rest of the companion – such a smart cure for food. Due to the fact that it is early access version, some things can be a bit off the eye – for example, the optimization, through which sometimes you have to reduce the graphics settings. Day of Infamy looks better on the move, though it’s just a Source engine, which is already a bit old. Well, another New World production – Insurgency: Sandstorm – will be working on Unreal Engine 4.

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PC Downloaden Game

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