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Game Action RPG with open world, where the game is focused on survival in a hostile environment. Players not only produce useful items and weapons, but also construct buildings, eventually make up the huge cities and fortresses. The real threat here is both aggressive fauna and opponents, as well as dormant in the ancient ruins of the dark forces or unpredictable weather. Conan Exiles is focused on survival RPG action sandbox type, whose creation took on their shoulders studio Funcom. The team has won not only warmly welcomed Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, but also popular at one time and Anarchy Online game Longest Journey. The title came among other things, for PC Windows.


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Description of the game

Action Conan Exiles takes place in a fantasy universe of Conan the Barbarian. The player takes the role of an outcast, condemned to crawl wild, dangerous wastes. Although the story fully supporting role giving way to expanded gameplay, during the game, we have the opportunity to know the rich history of the world, hidden in the ancient ruins – ancient civilizations left behind both books, and various inscriptions that describe past events. In Conan Exiles download PC action is presented from the perspective of a third person or the sight of a hero (FPP). The player travels through an open, diverse world – adventure leads both the savanna and desert terrain, deep canyons, picturesque valleys, or the previously mentioned ruins. The core gameplay is an aspect of survival – but the fun starts with empty hands, quickly begin to produce the first, simple tools and weapons to eventually use an extensive crafting system to create useful items and more lethal arsenal, and construct buildings that make up the huge cities and fortresses . On the road of conquest and enslavement we gain also subjects – soldiers, archers, artists etc.

Story of game

Let’s start with the fact that Conan: Exiles is not currently worth your attention. It’s not even a little more than 100 gold, which are demanding for the game developers. As for your time. Conan, like most games in the Early Access program, suffers from weight problems. Poor optimization, problems with the network code, the enemies materializing in front of the player, niedogrywające animations, Fly Out to the desktop, strange collision detection during the fight. Conan is now a mess. Once you have established a clear, that buy this game will be worth only sometime in the future, we can get down to business. According to the rules of the genre, Conan throws us into an open location with bare hands. You play here in the criminal-outcast, but it does not matter. Next we need to find a source of water, food and make yourself some tools. So we begin collecting sticks and stones, with which we ax and a pickaxe. Next, we obtain the stone and wood on a larger scale and quickly create the first camp. It consisted in my case with stone booths with wooden doors and campfire outside. In the latter I started an automated production not very nutritious porridge.

All the time, collecting, creating items and fighting monsters, other players and bandits, gaining experience. Thanks to develop several factors and unlocks the next crafting schematics. The game is so continuous acquisition of food and water, developing the characters and the expansion of our lonely. So it is a genre standard. There are reasons that make that Conan recognizes the depth. Firstly, the character creator provides opportunities straight from pretty good RPG. We can choose the origin and religion of our hero, although the rates will develop only in the course of the game. A small thing, and happy. Please can also view, build system, which allows you to build entire cities and fortresses. The game can / will be able to also possess slaves, sacrifice sacrifices for the favor of the gods, tame creatures or summon giant avatars. It seems that the game has now enough content to sustained us for several hours of development. Definitely enjoyed the presence of single-player mode. Just set up a private server and do not let anyone or let a few friends. For if indeed it is this mode is more playable, I find the server and join him still plowing on fallow.

Conan Exiles Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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