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The second edition of the post-apocalyptic shooter series FPP mode of cooperation, taking place on a mysterious planet Pandora. The creators tried to production of interesting weapons, previously unknown species and types of enemies and unique special abilities. Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the 2009, which has achieved considerable success, and pleased both critics and players. The second edition of the series was created by the studio Gearbox Software and is still a combination of first-person shooter with RPG elements in the style of Diablo. Like the original, the production includes a cooperative mode.


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Description of the game

In the second part of the series back to the planet Pandora to check unexplored territory, which hides many secrets of the universe Borderlands. The story tells about the events that took place shortly after the end of the story of “ones”. The main opponent is the players this time, Handsome Jack, that after assigning a merit heroes of the previous parts, bought the largest producer of weapons in the game world, the company Hyperion, and declared himself dictator of Pandora. Our goal is to put an end to his tyranny, of course, shown with a grain of salt. In the game you meet a team of well-known characters from the first part, but this time Mordecai, Lilith, Brick appear as minor characters. The manufacturer did not go the easy way and prepared four new characters to choose from. These are Salvador, Maya, Axton and Zero. The introduction of these protagonists is reflected in the presence of previously unknown character classes. Gunzerker has the ability to use any two weapons at a time and acts as a tank. Commando assisted automatic cannon, which is developed by the right set of skills. In the case of Assassin’s emphasis on the element of surprise – a warrior sets a trap for opponents and prefers action of hiding.

Story of game

A matter of fact, a review could be summarized in one, used in commercials and think it exhaust the subject. Why? Because Borderlands 2 is unlikely to convince myself of people who did not answer the first part, while fans of the series probably appreciate the direction of evolution, in which it takes aim. Borderlands 2 is in fact one of those exceptional sequels, which basically nothing spoil, a little change, while improving quite a lot. And that’s the key to the game I will judge, while disregarding the number of formal issues, which have been known already before the premiere. First of all, definitely improved a lot of issues related to the tasks, the storyline and the way they are presented. Plots we are dealing with a continuation of the story begun in the Borderlands, but of course the starring four brand new characters, equipped with new skill sets. The actions of the previous team imprinted on the history of Pandora significant stigma, and we must now contend with not necessarily accepted by its inhabitants change. The package compulsory meeting with a lot of characters from the first game. Most important, however, that in contrast to the previous section not only exploration and a desire to find better giwer push us forward. Storyline, though devoid of przegadanych dialogue scenes, there is even a neat, a lot of the smaller or larger volts, and even quite impressive and spectacular scenes. It is at the same time also more compact and intense. In a word – this time pushes us forward, instead of the season with another yawn.

Devil wasteland, however, lies in the details, or side missions. These again are quite a few, but clearly this time erected on quality. Many of them have several stages, objectives and directives change dynamically during the task, and all the classic “find, kill, bring” were the most beautifully camouflaged respectively floral and tasty story. Well, the word “pretty” is perhaps not the end of the spot. Even so, the next question is the fumes of total absurdity, whom he did not swim once. Looking for on the inhabitants of Pandora and the things that we outsource, it’s hard to resist the impression that they have to eat any suspicious mass, local mushrooms, indeed sniff the corners eridium … Paranoia, schiza, psychedelia and even tons of unleavened barracks, but was playing times the tears of humor. More and harder than before, trust me. You can not, however, hide the fact that the essence of the game in Borderlands 2 is killing, torching, dissolving, tearing and shredding into small pixels weight enemies. It should be noted, however, that the same rules of engagement and the shooting did not change in any meaningful way; we still have to deal with arcade shooter, largely based on the characteristics of weapons. The only thing that caught my eye is the behavior of the opponents. New scripts SI dwójce clearly improved, our enemies are much more active, more likely to perform evasive, or hide behind obstacles, almost getting longer situations “ones” where Sniper gave up mow passive garrison of some bandit base. And so it was not too sweet – SI vehicles still sucks. I also have the impression that they themselves adversaries are now much more diverse than previously. I’m not talking even about a completely new types of creatures, bandits, or robots, but various variations on already known. Many of them added a variety of special features – some may weaken our resistance to blows, others morfować a more powerful version, disappear, heal or regenerate their countrymen, or even to fly. Yes, the flying I have for a special “love”.

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PC Downloaden Game

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