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The third edition of the popular series of military shootings by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive. Players have the opportunity to play the members of the small branch of NATO forces sent deep behind enemy lines. Bohemia Interactive Studio has specialized in the production of tactical FPS, characterized by high realism in the presentation of the modern battlefield. ArmA III is the next installment of the series initiated in 2006. Game developers have remained faithful to the PC platform, while introducing a number of technological innovations, including the next-generation graphics engine Real Virtuality. Action ArmA III is set in the near future. After years of intense warfare in the Middle East, Europe become the last bastion for the weakened military forces of NATO. Command Pact sees a chance to change the situation in a desperate mission far behind enemy lines.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

A small island in the Mediterranean Sea hides a military secret, which can be crucial for the fate of the ongoing conflict. In place of the soldiers they are sent a special unit and researchers. Begins operation code-named “Magnitude”. Czech developers have not forgotten also lovers clashes multiplayer. Dedicated servers allow you to play in both competition and cooperation. Game developers have set themselves the task to give players the greatest possible freedom of action. This is reflected even in the rich customization options uniforms or weapons. Compared to previous page views a series of ArmA III also offers a wider range of available weapons and vehicles. Players can manage different kinds of airplanes, helicopters, wheeled vehicles and even ships. Creators improved user interface, making it much easier to use. At the same time this has not been achieved by simplifying the mechanisms of the game. All features and functions are still available. Now I just use them is easier. For the first time in the history of the series, there are also underwater missions. For the visual ArmA III corresponds to the fourth generation graphics engine studio Bohemia, benefiting among others PhysX technology. This made it possible to significantly increase simulation character of the game, while providing better quality animations. Furthermore, the new technology enabled the introduction of the vast scale of the map. Shared gamers areas exceed 320 kilometers square. The environment of the game have been mapped on the basis of the authentic appearance of one of the islands in the Mediterranean with great attention to detail geography. The creators also took care of tools for modders. Based on the intuitively simple to use editor, players can create their own missions and scenarios.

Story of game

Placement of drone, I click, click, click and nothing. Not flying. Certainly something I’m doing wrong, but nobody wants to help me. All pieces of equipment I have in my backpack, everything should work and nothing. You do not even want to mention those poor soldiers, for whom I had the air to track down the perpetrators of mortar fire, sowing havoc in their ranks. Suddenly – maybe not suddenly, because after a few re-recharging mission – is, it turned out that one of the elements must be in the right place in my inventory to then in the drop-down menu appears, control drone. We are starting. Wait, wait, but this is summer? Well, once again, from the beginning. My struggle with this piece of the mission, which is located roughly in the middle of the first three chapters campaign Armies 3, show how far gone from the simple combining for military shooters. It is unthinkable for me to giants in the genre, such as Call of Duty or a little more realism pudrującym Battlefieldzie wondered more than a second over where, what and why the press. How could I indeed could, when just around the corner, in a moment waiting for me the next big explosion, another shooting Eiffel Tower, another collapsing the Shanghai building. Arma never was famous for his campaigns directed to a single player. In the popular consciousness functions as a tool to play on the web or a great base to create mods – with DayZ at the helm. Sitting down to this title for the first time almost a year ago, when the full story is told in the game was the only possession, waiting for the next edition of its parts, in principle, do not I think of that to trouble his head a fact the existence of a strictly singleplayer part.

I had, after all multi, editor and two islands for running and follies. However, since the full price often get products not so incomplete as niestarające even provide a certain amount of content, coded as a plus the fact that it was decided to create a full mode for loners. Arma 3 differs from its market “competitors” more or less the same extent as Tom Clancy’s HAWX of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both titles are generally treated the same, but on one shelf should not be. The game studio Bohemia Interactive is a simulator of battle. The simulator, where we have to think of everything to survive. About suitable clothing, equipment selection, load influencing the strength. About hearing the topographical map and compass. The fact that in case of danger speak concisely and clearly. About a hundred other things. Arma 3 in your simulation aims directly at the highest possible realism, sacrificing clarity, affordability and ease of use. It requires players to sacrifice a lot of time for it to become acquainted with the rules, learn how to use, become familiar with the equipment and find a new, virtual reality. Thanks to this may arise wonderful stories written by ourselves. Stories with a common lying on the hill and the recognition of the area in order to give as a team after 20 minutes of this one key shot with a sniper rifle. Surely a little more exciting stories, but always his own, which is subject of the story meetings with friends.

Arma 3 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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