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Vanquish is a futuristic, third-person perspective shooter, produced by PlatinumGames. The game action was set in the future. As a result of the depleting resources of the Earth, conflicts between the United States and Russia have erupted. The key to victory is the US-built space station, capable of gaining the Sun’s energy. However, it was taken over by the Russians. The player enters a soldier of a squad sent with a mission to rebound the station from the enemy’s hands. Vanquish is a cutting-edge, futuristic shooter TPP developed by the Japanese developer PlatinumGames.


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Description of the game

Thanks to the well-received Bayonetta Slasher. One of the game’s producers is Shinji Mikami, the father of such brands as Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. The title debuted in the autumn of 2010 on consoles of the seventh generation, but less than seven years later, in a slightly refreshed version, it was also transferred to popular PCs. In both cases we are dealing with the same production, however, its PC version is clearly superior to its console counterparts in terms of technology. The story of Vanquish is set in a distant future where Earth’s natural resources are already running out, and the two largest world powers are fiercely competing for access to what is left of them. In this peculiar race for energy, the United States is building a modern space station – a sky city that can harness the sun’s energy. However, the Russian forces manage to take control of the station, and the accumulated solar energy is transformed into a powerful weapon that completely destroys San Francisco.

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Story of game

That is how the Russians want to force their enemies to complete and unconditional surrender. In response to the attack, the United States sends its troops back with a missile mission before the enemy can destroy another target – New York City. One of the members of the United States Marine Corps special unit is working for the US government agent named Sam, who plays the role of the player. Equipped with state-of-the-art, superhuman strength and speed, it is designed to repel the enemy’s strength by using a whole arsenal of weapons – including their own melee skills. In terms of mechanics at Vanquish we are dealing with an extremely dynamic and impressive third-person shooter, where the basis of the gameplay is numerous clashes with Russian military troops. During play we can also interact with different objects, opening doors or launching lifts and other mechanisms. In addition to the aforementioned suit, our protagonist is able to carry three weapons at a time, and additionally keep pomegranates and explosives in the pocket. During the skirmish, a shielding system is also used to make buildings, vehicles or other larger objects usable as a natural shield. Besides, the game uses well-known among others. Call of Duty series self-healing health system. When Sam gets heavier damage, he slows down, giving him the chance to kill enemies or hiding behind the shield and regaining his energy.

I have never before had the opportunity to play a game in which Russia is a martyr and a freedom fighter, decimated by the opponent on every possible front. And all indications are that I will have to wait for such a title. Vanquish is stuck with old, tattered and well-tested schemes – the Russians as ungrateful assailants, and the Americans once again as fearless defenders of the homeland. This time the conflict of two nations takes place in the future. Is it distant? Well, certainly one in which flying with space vehicles does not make any more impression on anyone, just like futuristic knockers and the use of robots in combat. What is this all about? If you do not know what’s going on, it’s all about raw materials. In these difficult times they are on a weight of gold and are about to be or not to be in the universe. States – as the economic power is – are not at all idle and their energy resources derive directly from the sun. They owe it to a huge space station built somewhere in orbit, which acts as a generator. Such a turn of events do not like the Russians and they soon decide to carry out an offensive on a valuable base. Eventually they manage to take control of it, and the cumulative solar power inside the generator drives straight into San Francisco, sweeping them from the surface of the globe. Russia also puts an ultimatum: unconditional capitulation of the United States or New York will reach the same fate. US President Elizabeth Winters is not going to give up without a fight, and that means a war on a large scale. It is high time to set up a special team to fight the invader, in which it does not lack us. We play the character of Sam Gideon – a lucky person who will come on the battlefield in an extremely valuable, technologically advanced suit. Armor, which literally makes wonders, and the fight turns into fun in Hyde Park. The story of Vanquish is more or less the same, but let’s not fool ourselves – it plays a minor statistician in the game, which is supposed to sit quietly and not interfere with what is happening on the screen. And really happens a lot.

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