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Toukiden Action Game: The Age of Demons of 2013. Players re-enter the fantastic land where they have to fight demons. Unlike the first part, this time the action takes place in an open world. Toukiden 2 on Windows PC platform is Toukiden’s continuation of the game: The Age of Demons from 2013. The title was created by Japanese studio Omega Force, known not only from the previous series, but also from such productions as Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 or Dynasty Warriors. Koei Tecmo, one of the most famous Japanese publishers, has been involved in the publishing of such projects as Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden.


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Description of the game

The Toukiden series is about battles of warriors known as the Slayers, who face monsters known as They. Before the events in two, from the far north came a great cloud of these creatures, destroying everything in their path. A group of brave warriors faced them in Yokohama, but during the fight suddenly appeared the huge They who opened the gate in the sky, closing in the middle of one of the heroes. Ten years later, in the village of Mahorob, lonely, oblivious to his past, Slayer appears. Toukiden 2 is in many respects very similar to the first part. So we are still dealing with a third person action game with elements of RPG. We get to the fantastic world that has been attacked by demons, and our task is to put an end to this unfortunate situation. During the game we play a well-trained warrior who is able to deal with dangerous opponents in no time; Thanks to advanced combat mechanics, the clashes are dynamic and spectacular. Developers have once again applied a system of destruction to individual parts of the body.

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Story of game

It has a significant impact on clashes, since immobilizing one of the limbs can make the opponent start attacking in a completely different way. Slayer’s abilities have undergone some changes, so we use, for example, Demon Hand, a great hand to deal massive damage, such as dipping into the ground the smaller They. Unlike the first part, the world made available in Toukiden 2 on Windows PC is open, giving us much more room for maneuver during exploration. Our base is a village where you can improve, for example, a weapon at a local blacksmith. We go to dangerous, hidden in the mist called Otherworld. To go further and further, you should set up a bridgehead, and then go on to another trip. During the expedition we find new villages, chapels and even castles. In addition to the single player campaign, developers from Omega Force have also released multiplayer online multiplayer. Monster Hunter is one of those productions that have revolutionized electronic entertainment. With the masses of fans killing the great monsters, a whole host of followers were trying to replicate her success, among them Toukiden, a game that was supposed to compensate PlayStation owners for the lack of new releases by Capcom. The first time it did not quite succeed. Does Toukiden 2 finally fulfill the promise made by Koei Tecmo? Toukiden 2 is set in a fantastic version of medieval Japan, where the demons attacked the people. Our hero is taking part in a decisive battle that depends on the future of the whole world … but in the midst of the fight we are unexpectedly moving forward 10 years. Without remembering who we were, we have to cope in a world in which demons have won the war and where only few villages have survived, protected by special barriers that keep monsters from killing people. I must admit that the plot surprised me positively.

I was expecting something as simple and very predictable, and meanwhile I got a story that is a bit of stiff and uses a lot of schemes, but thanks to the mass of the different threads the whole thing is definitely better than the game of this type has the Right to be The conflict between the two factions living in the village where we landed is at stake here. Accustomed to a safe life, citizens are brave with outsiders who have escaped from monsters. This thread is a little reminiscent of current events and makes Toukiden 2 seem to have a deeper message. Besides, the whole story has dragged me to such a degree that many films were not a nuisance. I wanted to know the fate of heroes and understand the world in which they lived. As it is said, Toukiden is a Monster Hunter-inspired production. Therefore, the basis of play are duels with giant monsters and collecting parts of their bodies to create new types of weapons and armor. We overcome creatures in a rather unconventional way – we have to cut off their limbs and worship them “prayers”. Only then can we destroy the demons terrorizing our village. The average mission is to reach the place where the monster is hidden, and then take a few or several minutes to fight beasts several times bigger than the hero. In the clash we are accompanied by three companions and together we try to overcome unclean forces. Between the hunts we spend the time in the village where we buy new equipment, upgrade our weapons, and use various additional activities. We can, for example, decide to send robots to the resources needed to create new items. Next to this we also have some methods to temporarily improve our statistics – we do this by cooking, visiting the temple or bathing. Between major expeditions we can choose to take on smaller tasks that involve searching for specific things or defeating certain opponents. The greatest enthusiasts can also play the spy on the map scattered on the map. There are a lot of options and it only depends on us whether we want to undertake side activities.

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